Class 12 English Grammar Unit 11 Passive-Active Voice Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 11 Passive-Active Voice Exercise

Unit 11 Grammar

Passive-Active Voice

Passive-Active Voice

b. Change the following sentences into passive voice. 

a. I want someone to love me. 

I want to be loved. 

b. Someone broke into our house while we were on holiday. 

Our house was broken into while we were on holiday. 

C. I don't like people staring at me. 

I don't like being stared at. 

d. Is it true that someone stole your car? 

Is it true that your car was stolen? 

e. The cat enjoys someone tickling him. 

The cat enjoys being tickled. 

f. Would Swostika open the window? 

Would the window be opened by Swostika?

 g. Did they confess the crime? 

Was the crime confessed by them? 

h. He thinks that someone is teaching Jennie. 

He thinks that Jennie is being taught. 

i. Sabina hates people laughing at her. 

Sabina hates being laughed at.

c. Complete the following sentences as in the example. 

Example : People believe that one billion defaulters are staying in the UAE. 

The one billion defaulters are believed to be staying in the UAE. 

a. English people think that the number thirteen is unlucky. 

The number thirteen is thought to be unlucky by English people. 

b. What are you wearing for the wedding? 

Actually, I am having a suit made (a suit make). They will give it tomorrow. 

c. The carpet in our drawing room is very dirty. 

It needs to be cleaned. (clean). 

d. There are rumours that the factory at the corner is manufacturing bombs. 

The factory at the corner is rumoured for manufacturing bombs. 

e. Some people believe that Silajit from Jumla cures all indigestion problems. 

Silajit from Jumlais is believed to cure all digestion problems. 

f. People claim that Changu Narayan temple is the oldest temple in Nepal. 

Changu Narayan temple is claimed to be the oldest temple in Nepal. 


A : Your car is making a terrible noise. 

B : Thank you. I am not a mechanic and I will get it repaired soon. (repair) 

h. The police suspect that the criminal left the country. 

The criminal is suspected to have left the country. 

i. A : Where are you going? 

B : I am going to the stationery store to get my document photocopied.(myl document /photocopy) 

J. People allege that the corrupt leader has embezzled millions of rupees. 

The leader is alleged to have embezzled millions of rupees. 

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