Class 12 English Grammar Unit 18 Prepositions Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 18 Prepositions Exercise

Unit 18 Grammar


If you didn't pick up on the importance of understanding the definition of grammatical terms like prepositions (of, at, in, by, to, etc.) in primary school, you've lost out on a lot. To start, the word "preposition" is hardly what you'd call a "difficult grammatical phrase." You can guarantee that knowing parts of speech, what prepositions are, and other similar information will come in handy when it comes time to take standardized exams like the ACT or SAT to see whether you are a suitable candidate for a scholarship to college. You wonder why it's important to study grammar structures; one valid argument is that it's tough to instruct a students in, say, verb conjugation if the student has never heard of a verb before. You can learn it with practise.

B. Fill in the blanks with appropriate prepositions. 

a. I was accompanied to the hospital my friend. 

b. I have great respect..for... my teachers. 

c. The culprit was death. 

d. His arguments are not based...on... truth. 

e. He has not contributed the development of our nation. 

f. He died ...of... Corona at the age of thirty-five. 

g. The young generation of Nepali people don't take interest ... politics. h. Our village was not Corona. 

I. Why do you sneer ... at... me? 

C. Fill in the blanks with for, since, until, by or in. 

a. The classes will be over by...5 PM. 

b. Karma Sherpa reached the top of Mt. Everest. in ....8 hours. 

C. We had met after five years. So we kept on talking ...for... three in 

the morning. 

d. She has been living in America ......since.....she got married. 

e. He has been playing video game ...for... ten hours. 

f. She practices the Sitar every day...for....five hours. 

g. He lived in Jumla ...until... he passed high school examinations 

h. There is no chance of dry weather even today. It has rained ...since... last Saturday. 

i. I can type 120 a minute. 

j. We have an early breakfast. It's generally ready six in the morning. 

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