Class 12 English Grammar Unit 8 Adjectives and Adverbs Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 8 Adjectives and Adverbs Exercise

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An adjective is a word that describes something about a object, person, place or situation.
Example: This flower is very pretty. Here, "pretty" describes the flower.

Adjectives are like paintbrushes that add color and vibrancy to our language. With just a few words, we can convey emotions, describe feelings, and express ideas. 

Out of many kinds of adjectives, comparative adjectives allow us to create distinctions between objects and people, making our language richer and more expressive. Whether we're comparing the size of a house to a car or the heat of the sun to the moon's coolness, adjectives help us communicate effectively.

The positive form of an adjective is the basic form that describes something without any comparison or superlative. 

In short, adjectives help us describe things in detail, make comparisons, and express emotions and feelings. So next time you write or speak, remember to use adjectives to make your language come alive!

  • There is no singular, plural, masculine, feminine, or neutral form of an adjective.
  • Always put the adjective before the noun.

A few ways to use adjectives:
1. Subject + be + adjective

1. Jerry is a funny guy.
2. Tonny is quiet.
3. John feels good.

2. Subject + verb + adjective + noun
1: Harry drives a nice car.
2. That is a big building.

B. Use the words from the brackets to complete the sentences.

a. This house is very small. I want to buy a ................ one. (much / big)

  • Much Bigger

b.I liked the magic show. It was .......... than I’d expected. (far / exciting)

  • Far more exciting

c.It was very cold yesterday. It’s ........ today. (a bit / warm)

  • A bit warmer

d.The warmer the weather the ........ I feel. (good)

  • better

e.An average American earns ……………….. than an average Nepali. (considerably / high)

  • Considerably higher

f.Health care in Nepal is not as ......... as it is in the US. (expensive)

  • expensive

g.I think the problem is . ........ than it seems. (far / complicated)

  • Far more complicated

h.You are driving very fast. Would you please drive ..........? (a bit/ slowly)

  • A bit slowly

i .Your handwriting is not legible. Can you write ........? (a bit/ neat)

  • A bit neater

C. Rewrite the following sentences with the sentence beginnings given below.

a. Kabir is less intelligent than he pretends. He is not as talented as he pretends.

b. I am busy today but I was busier yesterday. I’m not as busier today as I was yesterday.

C. Hari has lived in Kathmandu for 10 years but Bikram for 20 years. Bikram has lived 10 years more than Hari in Kathmandu.

D. I used to study 12 hours a day but nowadays I study only 5 hours a day. I don’t study as much as I used to.

E. It’s a very good room in our hotel. In fact, it’s the cosiest of all rooms.

F. He earns 30 thousand rupees a month but spends 40 thousand. He spends 10 thousand more than he earns.

G. There is no other mountain higher than Mt. Everest in the world. Mt. Everest is the highest mountain in the world.

H. The place was nearer than I thought. It was not as far as I had thought it to be.

I. Bharat can play better than Mohan. Mohan can’t play better than Bharat.

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