Class 12 English Grammar Unit 1 Question Tag Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 1 Question Tag Exercise

 Unit 1 Grammar
Question Tag

A question tag is a short question that is added at the end of a statement. We use the question tag when we want to confirm our thoughts or ideas.

They are happy. aren't they? in the sentence “they are happy “ is the statement and “aren't they?”is the question tag.

Rule for Question Tag:

If the sentence is positive the question tag will be negative. 

Ex,. We were planning to go on a trip, weren't we?

If the sentence is negative, question tag will be positive. 

Ex,. They are not busy. are they?

B. Rewrite the following sentences adding appropriate question tag.

a.  Gill does not know Ann, Does he?

b.  I’m very patient, Aren't I?

c. They’d never met me before, had they?

d.  Listen carefully, will you?

e. Let’s have a break, shall we?

f.  Let us invite them, Shall we?

g. Hari used to live in France as a boy, didn't he?

h. You’d better not take a hard drink, had you?

i.  Sheep eat grass, don't they?

j. Mr. Pande can speak nine languages, can't he?

k. She’s finished her classes, hasn't she?

l. She barely managed to reach the goal, did she?

m. Don’t let him swim in that pond, will you?

n. There are lots of people here, aren't there?

C. Read the following situations. What do you say in these situations? Use question tags.

a.  The sky is full of clouds. You can see lightning and hear thunder. 

It’s going to rain soon, isn't it?

b. You want to pay the taxi fare but you are short by 100 rupees. 

Shyam, you have to lend me Rs. 100, haven't you?

c. You have met a stranger at a party and you want to have a chat with him/ her. 

We can be friends, can't we?

d. You came out of the film hall with your friend. You enjoyed the film. 

The film was very enjoyable, wasn't it?

e.  You and your friend listened to a comedian on the stage and felt spellbound by his/her performance.

He gave an excellent presentation, didn't he?

f. You think your friend’s father has arrived from the US but you are not sure. 

Your father has not arrived from the US, has he?

g. You think Susan will join the new job tomorrow but you are not sure. 

Susan will go to her new job tomorrow, won't she?

h. Your friend’s hair looks too short.

You have got too short hair, haven't you?

i. You want to go for a picnic with your friends in class. 

Let’s go for a picnic, shall we?

j. You want permission from your father to go for a walk. 

Let me go for an evening walk, will you?

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