Class 12 English Grammar Model Question PDF with solution 2080

This article is about how you can practice for your grammar exams better for class 12 board exams ! 

Grammar ( 10x1=10 Marks)

  1. Choose the correct form of the adjective: "This is the ___ (good/better/best) book I have ever read."

  2. Identify the adverb in the sentence and rewrite it in a comparative form: "She sings beautifully."

  3. Choose the correct verb form to complete the sentence: "Each of the students ___ (has/have) their own computer."

  4. Choose the correct preposition to complete the sentence: "The flowers are ___ (in/on/under) the vase."

  5. Identify the modal verb in the sentence: "We ___ (should/could/might) take a break now."

  6. Choose the correct form of the verb to complete the sentence: "I ___ (have been/have being) working on this project for two weeks now."

  7. Identify the type of conjunction in the sentence: "I like coffee, and my sister likes tea."

  8. Choose the correct relative pronoun to complete the sentence: "The book ___ (that/which/who) I borrowed from the library was very informative."

  9. Change the sentence into passive voice: "The teacher gave the students a quiz on Friday."

  10. Change the sentence into reported speech: "He said, 'I will come back later.'"

Vocabulary ( 5x1=5 Marks)
1. Which one of the following words has a different vowel sound?
a) cat b) bed c) bit d) bee

2. Identify the part of speech of the underlined word: "The movie was very entertaining."
a) noun b) verb c) adjective d) adverb

3. Which word would come between "unhappy" and "unhelpful" in the dictionary? 
a) unconcerned b) unforgettable c) unhealthy d) unimportant

4. Which of the following prefixes could be added to the word "form" to create a new word meaning "to make something official or legally valid"?
a) pre- b) re-c) de- d) pro-

5. Choose the correct antonym for the underlined word: "His behavior was unacceptable."
a) acceptable b) tolerable c) excusable d) appropriate 

  • Identify the adjective phrase in the sentence and rewrite it in a superlative form: "She has a collection of beautiful vintage dresses."

  • Bonus Question : He can run fast. ( Identify the adjective and make it an adverb)

  • Choose the correct phrasal verb to complete the sentence: "I need to ___ (catch up/catch on) on my work before the deadline."

  • Which is the semi -vowel letters in English Language? -a -e -y -s

  • Identify the gerund phrase in the sentence: "Swimming in the ocean is my favorite activity."

  • Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "The committee's decision ___ (affects/effects) the entire organization."

  • Identify the type of sentence: "Let's play a game?"

  • Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "I am ___ (use to/used to) eating spicy food."

  • Identify the type of adverb in the sentence: "He speaks English fluently."

  • We will abide ___ their decision. ( Choose the correct preposition)

  • Identify the type of conjunction in: "Neither it was raining, nor we went for a walk."

  • Choose the correct word to complete the sentence: "The chef ___ (who/whom) I spoke to recommended the seafood dish."

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