Class 11 Social Studies Chapter 2 Notes in Nepali

Class 11 Social chapter 2 Notes PDF

Class 11 social studies chapter 2 deals with the interrelationship among social studies, social education and social science on the basis of various aspects. The notes in nepali language have been provided here with the aim of helping you. If you want to read this offline, you can simply download PDF for free to read later offline from your device. You can also read PDF online here as well.

Class 11 social studies Chapter 2 Notes PDF ( in Nepali)

class 11 social notes chapter 2

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The notes for unit 2 of social studies class 11 with PDF Download Link is here!

Social studies is a broad field that includes current problems, economic, social, cultural, historical, geographical, and other things that happen every day. Social studies can teach you about civic knowledge and skills. Social studies are about how people interact with each other, society, and their social and physical surroundings, as well as how people make decisions.

Social education is a field of study that teaches people about themselves, their society, their community, their country, the world, and how to live in it. It also gives them the information, skills, and attitudes they need to live. Social education is also a field of study that teaches about things that are important in social life, like how to be social, how to interact with others, what social values are, and how to live in a society.

As far as the social sciences are concerned, the social sciences are separate from each other, and they have a good understanding of every part of social life. Social sciences, which include ideas, values, and themes, also help people learn the right things. Social sciences deal with a lot of different things, and many of them have their own lives.

As a result, the main source of topics for social studies that are made by combining the topics that need to be covered in each field is the theme of each field. As social sciences are the main source of social studies, social sciences and social studies are linked together. It is also directed by both the social studies and the social sciences, because social studies are a way to get social studies and social sciences topics to students in an effective way.

They also have a lot in common, though. Social sciences cover the subject's breadth, social studies take in the subject's relevance, and social studies make sure students learn about the subject quickly and efficiently. These three topics, on the other hand, cover a lot of ground, but the nature of the subject matter is also different.

Social studies, social studies, and social sciences all have a lot in common. Social studies topics are made up of things from social sciences. Social studies use educational programs to teach these subjects to students. Social sciences are more logical and theoretical than other fields. Those who do scientific and social studies look into how people interact with each other.

Geography, history, economics, politics, sociology, the social sciences, psychology, art, culture, education, psychology, ethics, and so on are some of the subjects.

Social studies is a class that tries to cover a lot of different topics about social science. Social science topics are arranged in a way that fits each student's interests, skill level, and needs when planning a social studies class. In this way, interconnectedness can be said.

There are many different types of social science, but they all deal with the same things in a systematic and in-depth way. Social studies is a class that is meant to give people the information and knowledge they need about current events, as well as the topics they need to learn to be more social.

These class 11 social studies notes may have been useful to you. I hope so! These notes are also on YouTube.

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