Class 11 social unit 3 lesson 4 Notes

class 11 social unit 3 lesson 4

Class 11 social studies unit 3 lesson 4 guide has been provided here. This chapter is about the stress management skills and it's importance in our life as it makes our hard times easier to pass and socially responsible. The Nepali Notes of these social studies Nepali book issued by curriculum development center CDC has been provided here:

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Unit 3 Lesson 4
Stress Management

Exercise 1. Answer A, B, and D in your own style
(C) What are the benefits of yoga and meditation?
Meditation has been practiced for thousands of years. Meditation was originally intended to explain the depths of the sacred and mysterious powers of life. These days, meditation is usually done to relax and reduce stress. When you meditate, you can bring concentration to the mind, remove the negative disorders of the mind and fill yourself with positive energy.
The benefits of meditation: To fill the mind with new energy, To develop concentration and foresight, To build a strong mindset of future planning, To increase self-awareness, To focus on the present, Reducing negative emotions Positive imagination, creativity To increase patience and tolerance etc.
(E) How stress is managed is more important than how it is managed. Do you agree with this statement? Present your arguments.
Stress is a factor that hinders the decision-making process and the natural pace of life. And because of this, people have their own activities. Relatively lack of fulfillment of desires makes people stressed. It is a natural process to experience stress in the course of life experience. But it is important to manage such tensions properly and at the right time. If left unmanaged, they can be left astray and lose the right path. Therefore, timely stress management can help minimize future risks and accidents.
The ultimate purpose of life is a balanced routine. Stress can be both positive and negative. In any situation, stress speeds up the work, as it involves mental + memory and also increases memory, so stress is also viewed in a positive light. But not all tensions are positive. It is necessary to manage such stresses that affect people's lives in an unexpected way in time. This requires reviewing the source or cause of stress, self-assessing your shortcomings, making the right decision and making far-reaching decisions by choosing the best option. Only idea by which stress can be relieved is this way.

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