Class 11 Social Unit 2 Lesson 5 Notes

class 11 social studies unit 2 lesson 5 Guide

In Class 11 social studies unit 2 lesson 5 Guide (English Medium), you will get to learn about responsive use of the internet and social and media. How to use the internet in correct and legal way? How one can be socially responsible while using internet? These things have been covered in this lesson. 

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 Unit 3 Lesson 5 Responsive use of the Internet and social media

(a) Write a letter to the person living abroad covering the criminal activities around you and using social media.

Reverend Dai, 2020-02-20
London, UK
                                                                          Hearty greetings
We are all well here I wish you all the best. Everyone at home, including my parents, is fine. In the last letter you sent, you asked me to write about the village. In this context, I am writing to you today about an incident that happened in the village last week.

Pallaghare Hari Dai had just finished IT. Police have arrested him for hacking the website of Kumari Bank, a branch of Baglung. Kishna Kaka has also been arrested after he filed a case against the habit of writing insulting status of Dalit caste on social media. The cyber education program will be held in the village from this week due to the increasing misuse of internet and disobedience of cyber ethics in the village. Let's hope that after that, the incidence of cyber crime in the village will come down.
Havast brother! Today we will write about this much later.
Your brother

(C) Prepare a sample of the conversation between two friends on cyber ethics.

(While Ram is using Facebook, his brother arrives in the room. The conversation between them is as follows :)
Ram: What are you doing, brother, you don't have to read using a mobile phone.
Shyam: What's the matter, brother?
(Ram shares cartoons (memes) of various politicians)
Shyam: What did he share?
Ram: What a meme, how many people like and share.
Shyam: You know, what you are doing is a violation of cyber ethics. Such abuse can lead to imprisonment according to the law. To avoid this, we should not use social media to make derogatory comments or posts. Do you understand that everyone should be respected and the freedom of others should not be affected?
Ram: Oh, I didn't even care about that, (deletes his post immediately) From now on, I will always follow cyber ethics, thank you for opening my eyes.

(A) What is cyber ethics?
Ans: Cyber ​​ethics is the rules, code of conduct or self-discipline that must be followed to maintain integrity while using the internet. These include protecting the privacy of others, not interfering with computer files, and not interfering with other people's Internet freedom.

(B) Write things that should not be done according to cyber ethics
Everyone has the right to use social media and the Internet. Thus, when using the social network internet, it is necessary to follow the rules and codes of conduct. Disobedience to such rules reduces the credibility of the Internet, increases chaos, and can lead to penalties.
Here are some common misconceptions about cyber ethics:
- Searching, viewing, corrupting, deleting or abusing records in other files,
- Stealing and using other people's computer passwords,
- View customer's personal bank account, corrupt digital fraud,
-Virus and use
-Posting someone with a kind of mental injury or character assassination,
- Transmitting misleading exaggerated and false news
- Stealing and misusing other people's personal information
-Share other people's intellectual products without permission.

(C) Mention the measures you are aware of to avoid cyber crime.
To avoid cyber crime, I am aware of the following;
- I do not use files on anyone's personal computer, personal information, data without permission.
- Do not share various misleading and exaggerated news available on social media.
-Do not hurt anyone while commenting on any post on social media.
-I use strong passwords on my various social network accounts and do not open any suspicious messages or emails.

(D) Mention the benefits of social media.
The benefits of social networking are as follows;
Easy communication
Quick and easy information communication
Easy access to information
Science and technology information
Lifestyle improvement
Entertainment etc.

1. What are social media? Discuss the pros and cons. Social media is a method used to exchange ideas, digital photos or videos that you have received or created with Internet technology on a computer or mobile device. It is a way of directly communicating and exchanging information through websites and the internet. As a social media platform for exchanging social media content, it is called a social network. Facebook, YouTube, Viber, Twitter, etc. are examples of this. It is a simple technology that can be used by everyone in all fields, so it has become like a human partner now. Currently, most people spend about 20 percent of their time on it. The benefits of social networking - Information can be exchanged quickly, - Direct communication at home and abroad at home, - Important text, photos and videos can be exchanged instantly, - Any special event or theme can be broadcast live, - Buy and sell at home, -It is easy to express your thoughts and feelings, - To help bring the whole world together in one village, - Assisting with study, research and writing, - Individuals, families, communities, offices, businesses can all be used for all work.

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