Class 11 Social Unit 3 Lesson 1 Notes

class 11 social unit 3 lesson 1
"Decision Making" is the title of chapter which is included in class 11 social studies unit 3 lesson 1. The notes of this chapter are provided in english medium. This chapter aims to assist learner to make decisions on own and understand social responsibilities. New social book issued by CDC's exercise are here. 

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Vital Skills 
  Lesson-1     Decision Process  

1. Introduce decision-making.

Decision-making is one of the best options to choose from. There is complete freedom to choose the best option from the available options. No external elements interfere with their selection.
In conclusion, a decision is a deliberate conclusion to choose the best option out of the possible options using discretion and the way to make a decision by completing a method or step is called decision making.

2) Describe the types of decision-making with examples.

Decision-making is a complex subject matter. The method of decision-making varies according to different circumstances. The types of decisions are as follows;
(A) Organizational Decision
The decision taken by the office bearers and employees of an office or organization regarding the work of the office or organization is called organizational decision. Such decisions are related to the achievement of the objectives or problem solving of the office or organization.
(B) Personal Decision
The decision that a person makes as he wishes in his daily life is called personal decision. Such decisions are made by the individual. The impact and impact of such a decision is usually limited to the person making the decision.
(C) Group Decision
Collective decision making by the people concerned for mutual benefit or well-being
The decision is called. This type of decision involves more than one person. Also this
Since there are many people involved in the decision to be taken, the implementation of the decision is easy.
(D) Rational Decision)
Discretionary decision is the decision made by identifying different options and choosing the appropriate and best option based on the results obtained from the analysis of facts and evidence.
(E) Incremental Decision
The decision to modify or improve the work that is based on the previous decision is called incremental decision. For example, it is a decision to add a well-organized library building in the coming fiscal year as the infrastructure improvement program has been running in a school for the past few years.
(F) Participatory Decision
Participatory decision is the decision to involve such group or community in the decision making process for the benefit of the target group, beneficiary or stakeholders.

3) Make a list of things to consider when making a decision.

When making a decision, you should be able to make a decision that suits the situation from the various options available. It is necessary to make a thoughtful decision as a hasty decision made in a hurry can have far-reaching effects.
Things to consider when making a decision:
Step 1: Identify the decision that needs to be made. You feel that you need to make a decision.
Step 2: Collect relevant information available.
Step 3: Identify and the options.
Step 4: Analyze and evaluate the options.
Step 5: Choose between options.
Step 6: Take action on basis of options.
Step 7: Review your decision and its outcome.

4) "Decision-making is a complex and practical task." Confirm this statement with your reasoning.

It is necessary to make different decisions in every phase of life. In making such decisions, it is necessary to take into account all the different circumstances, your environment, the reasons for making decision decisions, and all other factors. There are times when people are in a dilemma. Decision-making is an element that has a far-reaching effect on a person's future and the future of any group, so it is important to be very careful and considerate when making decisions. The long-term impact must be decided in a positive way and introspection of the entire dimension of the option is required to choose the best option out of the available options. Thus self-assessment of all dimensions requires people to think critically in order to choose the right side. Decision-making is therefore a complex process and equally important from a practical point of view.

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