Class 11 Social Unit 3 lesson 2 Notes

class 11 social unit 3 lesson 2 pdf

Class 11 social studies unit 3 lesson 2 notes with free PDF download link has been provided here. It is in new CDC textbook of social studies and life skill grade 11. This chapter deals with skills for solving the problem and making student socially responsible. The Relevant nepali video of this chapter has been provided here,

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 Unit 3 
Lesson 3

Exercise 1) What is the problem?

Difficulty, inconvenience, or dilemma while doing any work is called problem. In other words, the problem is the difficulty in understanding and accepting ideas. Questions raised for research on any subject are also considered as problems.

2) How is the problem identified? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people. It is not appropriate to think about any incident only one-sidedly. Therefore, in order to solve any problem, one must first identify the problem. For that, the analysis of the incident should be reviewed and fair consideration should be given. The problem can only be identified by evaluating any incident in a non-partisan and non-discriminatory manner.

3) What are the main steps of problem solving?

Here are some steps you can take to begin the process of preparation for mediation. He is presented in a systematic way. 1) Problem identification and definition What is the problem How was it created? And why What is the problem side? Etc. should be done in the first stage. 2) Hypothesis At this stage, work is done to select the right option according to the nature of the problem and also to assess the outcome of the option. 3) Collection of facts To find the necessary facts related to the identified solution for problem solving and to develop thinking in a way to use it for solution. 4) Analysis Analyze the identified options based on various facts and information. 5) Conclusion To draw the conclusion of the problem based on the cause of the problem, the selected option for problem solving and the option and the facts related to that option. 6) Experiment To use the solution of the problem. In this way the problem can be solved by completing the above steps.

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