Class 11 Social Studies Unit 3 Lesson 5 Exercise

 class 11 social unit 3 lesson 5

Class 11 social studies unit 3 lesson 5 notes PDF is here. This chapter deals with the study of Interpersonal skills as life skills. The main purpose of this chapter is to make learners socially responsible and accountable. The Nepali notes of this chapter of the CDC textbook of social studies have been provided here.

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Unit 3 - Lesson 5

Interpersonal Skills

1. What are interpersonal skills?
Interpersonal skills are skills that help individuals to adapt to the social environment by developing interpersonal abilities, and strengthening relationships. It makes the relationship between people better. This type of SIP is very important as keeping things open and interacting directly will also help in the socialization process.
2) Why are interpersonal skills important?
Interpersonal skills increase interaction between people, which in turn increases mutual understanding. Intimacy and strong mutual sincerity in social relations play a role in many areas including mutual love, easy communication, freedom of speech, and socialization, therefore, this skill is very important. 3) Write ways to improve interpersonal skills. Ways to improve interpersonal skills: 1) To think positively 2) To manage the impulse 3) Openly praise the potential of others 4) To treat everyone kindly 5) To show respect to all 6) To show empathy and empathy when others are suffering 7) Listen carefully to others, etc
4) How to use social media to improve interpersonal relationships?
Social media is an important basis for communication. We can make friends by using social media. Making new friends and sharing your feelings and thoughts increases contact with new people. Since there is no physical presence and no communication, social media is considered a reliable and easy way to express one's thoughts. Therefore, people should make good use of social media and make it a means of developing relationships and harmony.
5) What can be done to develop good leadership?
The following can be done to develop good leadership; 1) The group should work with open sincerity and heart. 2) Must know how to respect the successes of others. 3) The distribution of opportunities and rights should be done in a just manner. 4) We should have an open vision with respect for all and respect for everyone. 5) Everyone should be made accountable.
6) What is teamwork and how does it develop leadership?
The team is the skill of working in a working group. When working in a group, the manager and the worker are themselves. While working, people turn to teach and leadership. Teamwork is the quality and quality of working together with others in dialogue planning meetings and collaboration.
Teamwork and leadership skills are interrelated issues. Leadership skills are required to keep all members of the group focused on a common goal and to strengthen the relationship between all members. The team also helps to formulate the necessary strategies to achieve the office objectives. When working in a team, all the members get an opportunity to think equally and this critical thinking enhances efficiency. Teamwork helps to solve problems while leadership skills help to make the group organized, dignified, and disciplined. Performance requires both of these qualities. Therefore, teamwork develops and develops leadership skills in individuals.

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