Unit- 4 History and Culture Exercise & Summary : Class 11 English

History and Culture
Qin Dynasty

Class 11 English Unit 4 Qin Dynasty Full exercise solution:

History and Culture class 11 Exercise

History and Culture class 11 Exercise

History and Culture class 11 Exercise

History and Culture class 11 Exercise

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History and culture in Class 11 is an important chapter about which signifies the cultures with the reference to Qin Dynasty of China. Autocratic system is also understood as an authoritarian system. 

The authoritarian political system is characterised by fear with a government in which all power is held by a single person. Autocracy has the advantage of allowing important decisions to be made quickly when quick and decisive action is required. Taj Mahal, Great wall of China are also the outcomes of such decisions made by autocrats.
The kings constructed these wonders as a means of ensuring their own immortality, as well as showing their love and devotion to their families and subjects, as well as gaining notoriety. It was not harder for them as they possessed some of history's most formidable armies. 

Grand architectural achievements such as China's Great Wall and India's Taj Mahal were all created by autocratic rulers. Regardless of what they deem necessary, the rulers have the power to gather resources and then order their subjects to carry out the plan.

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