Unit 7 Foresters without Diplomas Exercise & Grammar : Class 11 English

Ecology and Developement
Foresters without Diplomas

 Foresters without diplomas exercise solution 

Ecology and Developement - foresters without diplomas Exercise

Ecology and Developement Exercise

Ecology and Developement Exercise

Ecology and Developement Exercise

Ecology and Developement Exercise

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The essay's title, "Foresters Without Diplomas," is a very interesting essay. The focus of the whole article is on Kenyan women's involvement in the Green Belt Movement.
First, the writer and her team arranged for a visit from the foresters, who would demonstrate the process of planting trees to the women. As shown by the foresters who have got diplomas, forestry is a highly specialised profession. To find seeds and establish trees, they had to use time-consuming, labour-intensive techniques.

Finally, Wangari Maathai and her colleagues showed the women how to find seeds and grow trees in an approachable manner. It was possible for women to go out and find seeds in their area. When seeds dropped to the ground, they learnt to identify the germination process by looking for seedlings. 

Women didn't have to sit around and wait for someone else to start growing trees for them. They've been passing on knowledge to one another. They are genuine foresters, despite the fact that they lack a university degree.

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