Rara Bhraman Class 11 Exercise : Nepali Unit 11 Notes

Rara Bhraman Question Answers Class 11

Rara Bhraman is a dairy style text enlisted in class 11 Nepali book chapter 11.  Luring beauty of Rara lake is exaggerated in this chapter 11 of nepali book. The exercise portion of this chapter is not that harder, because Rara Bhraman exercise, questions answers and grammar( byakaran) along with a free pdf download link is provided here. 

Rara Bhraman PDF download link is provided at the end of this article. You can download this free pdf for offline use. This PDF contains all questions answers solution, summary, grammar and complete exercise solution of Rara Bhraman Class 11.

Rara Vraman Exercise PDF Notes 

Rara Bhraman class 11 exercise: nepali chapter 11

Rara Bhraman class 11 exercise: nepali chapter 11

Rara Bhraman class 11 exercise: nepali chapter 11

Rara Bhraman Questions Anwers


Rara Bhraman Byakaran

You can watch the following video that has been embedded from youtube which contains "Rara Bhraman All exercise solution" explained in easy Nepali langauge! 

Short Recap of the Rara Bhraman Dainiki (Summary)
  1. Waking up at 3:30 in the morning on June 7, 2077.
  2. A team of six people, including the author, traveled by jeep from Gulmi to Ras, passing by Redi and eating pakodas, chukauni, and tea at Palpa's Jordhara.
  3. Looking at Teko Rara covering an area of ​​10.8 square kilometers, 6 people including the author are TIRANE
  4. The writer's team left Butwal at 9 o'clock and reached Kohalpur at 4 o'clock in the evening and reached the bus park at night.
  5. Tim, who left Surkhet at 5 o'clock in the morning on June 7, 2077, reached Jitegadh on the other side of Karnali.
  6. It takes about an hour and a half to reach the resort by jeep in the Salleri forest after passing through the check post of Rara National Park.
  7. Get up at 5 o'clock on June 10, 2077 to see the natural beauty of Rara,
  8. Walking five kilometers of Rara
  9. Keep a diary describing any events you attend.
  10. Participated in the birth anniversary ceremony of the court
(a) Identify the Sinja Valley.
The Sinja Valley is a historical site where the surrounding river irrigates the scenic settlements and arable lands. The capital of the Baise Khas state, the birthplace of the Nepali language, reflects the historicity of Mija. Therefore, sanctity, historical land with food storage is the identity of Sinja Valley. 
The writer has reached Rara after walking for an hour from Salleri forest through Pinagaun.

(B) How did the writer complete his journey from Sinja to Rara?
The author, Sinja's mistress, cut the rock from Bona and reached a place called Chautha. After climbing Ghuchchi, they reached the check post of Gara National Park. From the checkpost, they asked for guide and reached to rara.

(c) Introduce Rara based on the text.
Rara looks green as it is surrounded by hills full of evergreen vegetation. Gara has provided nectar to every foundation here. Located at an altitude of 2972 ​​m above sea level, the lake has a maximum length of 3.2 km and a maximum width of 3.2 km. At 10.8 square kilometers, the lake is huge in itself. This lake, which looks like a piece of heaven, is a unique place full of natural beauty like a gift.

(D) How did the diary writer complete the first day's journey? 
The writer, who woke up at 3:30 in the morning, got out of the jeep in a jeep with his friends. A team of six walked to Rara Lake at four o'clock. Ridi had reached Draveni at 5.30 pm on the banks of the river Rudramati. reached Kohalpur at 4 pm. After that, the jeep crossed 75 kilometers and reached Surkhet around noon. The author stayed in a hotel in the park for a day trip.

(E) Was the writer happy when he reached Rara?
Seeing Rara's natural beauty, supernatural, vastness, the writer was happy to see Rara's waves, magical beauty to steal the hearts of tourists. ONE CHE STA. The writers were happy to see the evergreen mountains around Basel and the green waters of Rara. A magnificent view of the vast Rara Lake spread over 10.8 square kilometers.

(F) What kind of experience of the writer is presented in this diary?
This diary presents the author's personal experience. The author has presented the place on the way based on his own experience. The author's statement that despite the desire to see the beautiful valley of Surkhet, we were forced to leave the picturesque valley and the market at the same time we found our destination this time. The author has also described Gara on the basis of personal experience. The author's statement that the waves of Rara Lake, which are scattering on the shore, are scattered by the bass or are in a hurry to join us, has also deepened the sentiment. Hence the personal personality of the author in this diary presentation has taken place.

(F) Describe how nature has been humanized in this diary.
Involving nature in human-like activities is humanization. In the diary, nature is made to wander like human beings. After touching the Rudravati river, meet the Sinja Dang National Park, the conflict between the heat of the fire and the cold of Rara, reach the courtyard of Rara, the waves of the Rara come crashing down on the bass, the tourist's Rara steals the heart, Swimming in the sun and in June, guarding the mountains and forests around Gara are examples of humanized nature in this diary.

More About Rara Lake-

Rara is located in the most remote mountains of northwestern Nepal. Situated in the district M
ugu, it also contains the smallest national park in Nepal, but it holds the largest lake in the country called ‘Rara’ at an altitude of 2990 meters. 

The journey of 2 to 3 days to reach rara lake starts with a flight from Nepalgunj to Jumla. Jumla is known for its fine apples and strolling through these plantations can be a fascinating encounter. 

The trip leads through the far-off wide open toward the Tibetan line. An excursion into the Jumla area and the lovely Rara Lake is presumably quite possibly the most entrancing trip in the Himalaya undisturbed by crowds of travelers as one finds on other journey courses.

The provincial government has declared Nepali's 2075 year as Karnali Rara Tourism Year. Sufficient reasons to give the park a high position in our list of 'things to explore in Far West Nepal'. The reflection of Api and Saipal Mountain in clear Rara Water is sufficient to lure anyone. One who loves nature and natural adventures will love to enjoy at Rara anyways.

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