Safalta ko katha exercise: Class 11 Nepali Unit 9 Questions Answers & Grammar

safaltako katha question answer

"Safalta ko katha" Nepali translation of English Phrase - " Story of Success" is a inspirational story of success of a entrepreneur by doing Yoga and Meditations. Guide of Safalta ko Katha exercise solution is provided here along with the summary. Hope you will know about the significance of Yoga and Meditation after reading this successful person story in grade 11 nepali book unit 9 issued by CDC.  

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Safaltako katha class 11 exercise 

Safalta ko katha exercise: class 11 Nepali Unit 9 (entrepreneur story)

Safalta ko katha exercise: class 11 Nepali Unit 9 (entrepreneur story)

Safalta ko katha exercise: class 11 Nepali Unit 9 (entrepreneur story)

Safaltako katha Byakaran



  Safalta ko katha Class 11 summary  

"Safaltako katha" included in the compulsory Nepali textbook of class 11 has been prepared on the importance of yoga and sadhana as the primary alternative to stress and stress management which is taking a monstrous form in the present context.

Memory literally means to remember or recall or remember in simple words. The most powerful organ of the human race is the brain. It stores what we see. The brain saves the events it has read, seen and experienced and uses them when needed. People express the information in the brain through the help of pronunciation through language. Memories of bad things that happen in life distract people, while memories of good things add energy to life.

Right and wrong, what should be done and what should not be done, what should be eaten and what should not be done, what should not be said, etc., are all decided by the brain. It is up to the individual to decide how to use the brain. 

That is why memory is also called a fun thing. Memory also works to make people human and revive them. Memory helps to lead an energetic life by embracing the fun aspects of life. After becoming a human being, the ideals acquired in life help a person to develop human qualities. Therefore, the meaning of the above letter is that man should only store fruitful things in his memory.

The report compares the natural environment with the peace of mind of man. Creating a solitary and peaceful environment by placing the characters in the peaceful environment of the herdsman, its positive effects are depicted.

Sundar Chhantyal is a person who grew up in a happy environment in a middle class family. Her studies have also been hampered after her father died of a sudden heart attack. The mother has also got cancer in her life. Then the burden of debt is added to him and life itself reaches a miserable state. Before reaching the extreme point of stress, he has taken the help of yoga and sadhana to get out of it and has also succeeded in living a stress free life.

Life is a combination of ups and downs. Happiness and sorrow are like the shadow of the sun. Sometimes happiness comes in life and sometimes sorrow comes. Don't get drunk when happiness comes and don't panic when sorrow comes. We should be able to find a solution to every problem that arises in life. 

There is no person without problems and there is no problem without solutions. The success story has given the message that if there is willpower, one can get rid of any problem and such willpower and positivity can be developed through yoga and sadhana and a new dawn arrives by breaking the darkness of life.

Here is a video embedded that covers all exercise solution of safaltako katha.

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