Class 11 English Unit 20: Science and Technology Exercise & Grammar

class 11 english unit 20 science and technology exercise PDF

This article is about Class 11 English Unit 20, which talks about science and technology. We will look at how technology changed life at college. Things students found by accident don't happen as much because of technology. We will see how technology changed how parents take their kids to college. You can download PDF for free to access the summary, exercise solution and grammar solution of this chapter.

Unit 20 Science and Technology Exercise PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 20 Science and Technology Notes PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 20 Science and Technology Notes  PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 20 Science and Technology Notes PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 20 Science and Technology Notes

Class 11 English Unit- 20 Science and Technology Notes



Theme - Experiencing Life By Chance 

Serendipity Meaning : Accidental finding of something good

Writing on her article, "Taking My Son to College, Where Technology Has Replaced Serendipity," Christina Baker Kline compares and contrasts her college experience with her child's college experience.

However, although both Kline and her son attended Yale University, their experiences were very different. Each of their college experiences is described in detail by Kline, including the advantages and disadvantages connected with each of them.

As argued in this article, technology advancements may sometimes interfere with the experiences that children have at school, as well as their ability to capture some of the most memorable events of their lives. In her essay, Kline shares her personal life experiences with the reader, using them to educate them on what she believes is a contributing factor to her serendipity idea.

This includes things like making long-lasting relationships, creating memories, and having experiences that will serve as a guide as you go through various stages of your life. It is the purpose of this essay to explore Klines' past and how it relates to her present, while also exposing her unusual college experiences.

In 2013, Kline's essay was made public for the first time. This year marks the beginning of an era in which technology is becoming more popular, and more people are becoming aware of its benefits. In the early 2000s, a great deal of technological progress was made, and new computer systems were developed at a breakneck pace. As a result of these developments, the idea of integrating technology into classrooms was born.

Computing devices such as computers and mobile phones have become more essential in society, leading to their use in different educational settings. The World Wide Web has been enhanced, which has resulted in a greater use of technology, which has eventually been incorporated into schools. This in-class technology integration is still considered to be in its infancy and is evolving as time passes.

Kline's essay was published just after schools began to integrate more technology into their curriculum, according to the author. Kline's technical ideas are a reflection of the temporal difference between her and her children who are in college. Kline's understanding of technology is based on her schooling at a time when technology was not as ubiquitous in society.

Exercise Questions Answers 

a. Why did the author feel that she was lucky to be so naïve of her freshman year at college?
When a person thinks s/he knows everything, the tendency to search for the extra knowledge starts vanishing. When we don't know anything else, we start exploring for knowledge and wisdom. Hence, she feels so lucky to be naive in her freshman year at college because being foolish, she got an opportunity to explore new things.
b. Why did she say that she went to college in the Stone Age?
Technology was not such a use at her time. Compared to the present time, she was not so lucky to use cell phones, electronic gadgets to the fullest like his son is doing now. Seeing her son, using electronic devices and technology almost everywhere, she says that her time was so primitive, hence she said she went to college in the stone age.

c. What kinds of technological tools can Hayden use at his college life unlike at his mother's time?
Hayeden uses every technological shortcuts to make his living easier. Wherever it is possible, he imposes the usage of technology whether it is a small thing or big. He utilizes cell phones for exploring applications, Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Youtube etc

d. How has the internet and social sites affected the lifestyle of the youths?
The Internet has made the youths rely on nearly everything either big or little. With no exertion they'll plan undertaking work depending upon search engines and software hampering the extension of the skyline of pondering and innovativeness. Social locations have provided them possibilities to be related to varied people; nonetheless they're divided on the grounds that they know earth differently. They do not meet them in real life, Due to net and social locales the younger have missed the actual pleasure of the discovering of a real world.
e. What things about college life will Hayden really miss unlike his mother?

Unlike his mother, Hayden will miss real life interactions, usage of thinking capability and imagination, exploration and discoveries of various things in life.

f. The writer says, "I worry that students today are more connected and more fragmented." Isn't this paradoxical? How?
The line "I worry that student today are more connected and more fragmented" is really conflicting and paradoxical. There is no such thing as a fracture in affiliation apart from the above line implies youth are related to each other mainly by pleasant locations. But, in real world there are far to at least one one other. They do not have particular person to particular person connection so they're divided. There is no such thing as a openness to at least one one other to accumulate life's vital minutes.

Critical thinking
a. Do you think that advancements of technology can hinder the exposure students receive in school, and block them from gaining some of life's most memorable moments? Give reasons in support of your answer.
In this day, the web is probably the most influential source. It has become an important part of human life. Thinking about the existence of the life without web and technology is hard to imagine. Still it has small drops. One of them, it prevents students from opening school and deprives them of important moments of life. I totally agree with this assertion of the fact that firstly it prevents them from seeing the hardships and difficulties of labour, otherwise it makes them weak in using their brain power in investigation and action, thirdly it stops them from exploring this current reality just as you enjoy it.
Life without labour, hard work, dedication and pain is definitely not a perfect life. A life of illiteracy is a good opportunity to meet the learning phase. Students must make a concerted effort to pass the test and need to make a concerted effort to broaden their understanding of the concept because the fact that once it stops them prevents them from seeing difficulties and difficulties, it makes them weak to use their new brain staff in research and practice, and thirdly prevents them from doing. So, Explore this current reality as they have a wonderful time

b. Kline's essay focuses on the contrast between her son's freshman college experience and her own, but she also establishes what they have in common. Explain.
An article titled "Taking My son to College, Where Technology Has Taken Out Serendipity" written by Christina Baker Kline is about the difference between her understanding of school and her child's knowledge. However, the text also includes the basics between her and her child. 
Though technology has replaced the way they do everything. Still, the education system was all same. Feelings emotions were the same. There were much more difficulty on her time comparing to her son’s age but still, friendships and team working has not changed. These things are all same in some way. Exploration about the new things ware limited to physical doings, but now at the time of his son, the exploration and research is still the same, but it is done via technology medium, via search engines, E-books rather than physical books. Relationship and friendship was the struggle for freshman at her time, still search for the companion was prominent. This thing still prevails in electronic form from facebook, instagram and social media.
c. Has the internet aided to broadening or narrowing the critical thinking capacity of youths or readers? How?
Everything has two sides, if you use internet to gain and explore knowledge, it is broadening of knowledge, but if you started relying on interent answers with blunt creativity, it is narrowing of the tinking capacity.
Many people use the internet in Nepal. This means that many people who rely on web innovations hide their limitations of thinking. The vast majority of people are interested in it and expect it to make their lives easier. From casual work to extreme extremes like a clinic, web design use. 
A few groups argue that it enhances speculation and that the fundamentals of youth and students. Obviously there are a few benefits to the web but we should see the number of people who rely on the web to take care of any specific problem. 
In my view, it reduces the basic limit of consideration for young people or abusers. It limits the thinking skills of young children because they are at the bottom of the web in each issue.
 Instead of understanding books and irrational suspicions, when they find some difficulty they try to find provisions on the web. An example is when a teacher gives their students homework, pulls out their phone or jumps on their PC and tries to find a Google search setting and potential answers.
Hence, I opine internet is nothing but a shortcut for mind labor. 

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