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Corona Says Exercise: Questions and Answers and Summary Class 11 PDF Download

Corona Says


The coronavirus speaks in the poem. It spoke directly to people, urging them not to cry as the infection was spread. The speaker (corona) refuses the responsibility, saying that it is not her fault, but that it is the fault of the individuals who have caused such extensive damage. It wasn't transported here by itself; rather, it was brought here by humans.

People all around the globe believe they are the ones who created everything. "The crown of creation" is how humans refer to themselves. They think that all other species are their slaves, and that they have the power to murder and destroy them. Birds, aquatic creatures, insects, and trees all fall under this category. Humans, in reality, have no idea how important other creatures are on the earth.

After that, the speaker portrays the event from a different perspective. During the prolonged lockdown, almost all human activity stopped. Country paused for a while. And nature has reverted to its original condition, with a clear sky and clean air. The corona period has this advantage. It also shows that nature will settle down if we (people) do not misuse it.

Corona cautions against seeing the planet exclusively as a human possession. Humans aren't the only ones that own the planet. It must be equitably shared by all living creatures.

Finally, the speaker issues a warning to the audience, warning that if they do not alter their ways, disaster would occur, perhaps reverting society to "primitive era."

ExerciseCorona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Corona Says Questions Answers

Answer the following questions.

a. Who is the speaker in the poem?
→  Corona is the poem's speaker.

b. Who claims that they are superior to all?
→  Humans claim that they are superior to all other creatures.

c. Why has the speaker come to the Earth?
→  The speaker has arrived on Earth because of human's misuse of nature.

d. What positive changes have occurred on Earth after the speaker's visit?
→  After the speaker's arrival, the planet saw a number of positive changes. Like;
-The air became cleaner, and the environment became dust-free. 
-There has been a reduction in pollution. 
-Humans have figured out how to make good use of natural resources. 
-Their egos have been replaced with fear.

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Reference to the text
a. What does the speaker mean when he says:

Ans: In these lines, it is said that war has had a much greater impact on human life and property than the consequences of the virus. Wars and fatalities caused by humans are millions in count still people are counting the deaths caused by corona. Human misery is ignored by governments and other warring parties. Because of wars, millions of people have been killed or their property has been destroyed, which is still being neglected and corona is being blamed  for the sole cause of humanity’s casualties.

b. Explain the following:

Ans: The current pandemic could be somehow stopped. However, if people don't change their behaviour, they risk contracting additional deadly illnesses and ultimately causing the destruction of human civilization, says the speaker in the given lines.

Humanity's treatment of nature is causing civilization to deteriorate. We have knowledge, yet it's the same wisdom that gives rise to deadly illnesses. If we do not stop exploiting beyond the capability of nature, we shall return to the era of the cavemen.

c. What does the speaker mean in the following lines? Explain.
Humans deny other creatures on the earth the right to utilise earth's resources to maintain their existence, despite the fact that they have an equal right to do so. The speaker argues in the following words that the earth is the common home of all living things.

Humans are disrupting the whole environment in order to meet the needs of an ever-increasing population. Despite the fact that the planet is the common home of all living creatures, they have managed to dominate all natural resources for their personal gain. When an ecosystem is destroyed, it leads to the extinction of other life forms. The speaker is concerned about the increasing human impact on the environment. Humans are ruining other animals' food and habitats in the name of progress and development.

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