Class 12 English Grammar Unit 7 Adverbs Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar 7 Adverbs Exercise PDF

Unit 7 Grammar PDF

Adverbs are words or phrases that describe how the verb in a sentence acts which tells you how a task or piece of work is done. It is also called adjective of adjectives. Most adverbs end with "-ly," but some, like "well," "fast," "late," "early," etc., do not. 

Here are a few common examples:

  • He moved quickly.
  • Elegantly, she sings.
  • I replied instantly.
  • He spoke loudly.
  • They danced enthusiastically.

There are many kinds of adverbs. But, the one that we need to understand in this chapter, is frequency adverb.

Frequency adverb is used to indicate how much time or how often an action occurs. Some common frequency adverbs include "always," "usually," "often," "sometimes," "rarely," and "never."

1. In a sentence frequency adverbs usually come before the main verb. But they come after the auxiliary verb if there is one. For example:

She always goes to the gym. ("always" comes before the main verb "goes")

They are usually late. ("usually" comes after the auxiliary verb "are")

2. If there is no auxiliary verb in the sentence, the frequency adverb comes after the subject and before the main verb. For example:

He rarely eats meat. ("rarely" comes after the subject "he" and before the main verb "eats")

3. Avoid double negatives in a sentnce. It is not grammatically correct to use a negative frequency adverb (such as "never") with a negative verb. 

For example, "I never don't eat vegetables" is incorrect! 

We need to use "I never eat vegetables".

4. Use the frequency adverb that accurately reflects how often the action occurs. 

For example, if you want to say that you usually wake up early, use the adverb "usually" rather than "always" or "sometimes."

B. Put the frequency adverbs in the appropriate place and rewrite the following sentences. 

a. I forget to do my homework. (sometimes) 

- I sometimes forget to do my homework. 

b. My father has touched an alcoholic drink in his life. (never) 

- My father has never touched an alcoholic drink in his life. 

c.My father goes for a walk on Saturdays. (often) 

- My father often goes for a walk on Saturdays. 

d. We go to the movie theatre. (occasionally) 

- We occasionally go to the movie theatre. 

e.My brother is in America. He telephones us. (from time to time)

 - My brother telephones us from America from time to time. 

f. My mother gets up at five o'clock. (always) 

-My mother always gets up at five o'clock. 

g. He does not like alcoholic drinks but takes some wine. (now and then) - He does not like alcoholic drinks but takes some wine now and then. 

h. I Drink my tea with milk. (generally) 

- I generally drink my tea with milk. 

I. Have you been to Agra? (ever) 

- Have you ever been to Agra? 

j. The restaurant hours vary as it is booked for special events. (frequently) 

- The restaurant hours vary as it is frequently booked for special events.

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