Class 12 English Grammar Unit 13 Prepositions Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 13 Prepositions Exercise PDF

Unit 13 Grammar PDF

The Merriam-dictionary defines a preposition as "a word or combination of words used with a noun, pronoun, or noun phrase to convey direction, place, time, or introduce an object." Put another way, prepositions are words that link other sentences together. 

Prepositions are one of the most important part of English language. These words are used to connect a noun, a pronoun or a verb to another word. By using them, we can make our work more clearly and effectively.

In common use, these preposition words link a noun to a concept. The statement "I went to the store" illustrates this concept. The preposition "to" establishes a direct link between the noun "store" and its geographic location.

Some common prepositions are "in", "on", "at", "to", "from", "with", "by", "for", "of", "about", "between" and "among". With the correct use of these prepositions, the meaning of your sentences becomes more clear.

To use the preposition correctly, you have to keep in mind that what kind of word they are modifying and what kind of relationship is there with that word. . For the correct use of prepositions, you should have good knowledge of English Grammar. 

I hope you have understood my brief introduction about prepositions. If you have any other question regarding the propositions then you can ask in the comment section. Here is the solution of preposition that is in the textbook of our class 12 English Book.

B. Complete these sentences with the correct prepositions. 

a. The relationship between the two boys has changed significantly over the past few years. 

b. In Nepal, many girls get married at an early age. 

c. I'm not in the mood for such silly games. 

d. There were no security personnel on duty at that time. 

e. The new Smartphone is similar to the one I bought a few years ago. 

f. My dad insisted on taking the later train. 

g. People with ambition always try to achieve their goals, no matter what happens. 

h. Mr. Jenkins has been disabled all his life as a result of a childhood illness. 

i. We bought the TV because it was for sale. 

j. She has no understanding of how computers really work. 

k. I gave him my new T-shirt in exchange for a few cigarettes. 

L. The company is run by two people who hardly ever meet. 

m. All the celebrations and parties were called off because of the tragic accident. 

n. There was a great need for volunteers at the site of the crash. 

C. Complete the following text with correct prepositions. 

What are we seeing here? The very real possibility is that these are the educational consequences of the differences between parenting styles that we talked about in the Chris Langan chapter. Think back to Alex Williams, the nine-year-old whom Annette Lareau studied. His parents believe in concerted cultivation. He gets taken into museums and gets enrolled in special programs and goes to summer camp, where he takes classes. When he's bored at home, there are plenty of books to read, and his parents see it as their responsibility to keep him actively engaged in/ with the world beside/except him. It's hard to see how Alex would get better at reading and math in the summer. 

B. Make sentences from the given clues as stated in brackets. 

a. Who/pass the exam? (future simple) 

Who will pass the exam? 

b. How/you/get home? (future continuous) 

How will you be getting home? 

C. I …. come later. (future simple) 

I will come later. 

d. She/catch the train by 3 pm. (future perfect) 

She will have caught the train by 3p.m.

e. It rain tomorrow. (future simple) 

It will rain tomorrow. 

f. John/sleep at 4 am. (future continuous) 

John will be sleeping at 4a.m. 

g. How long/you/see your boyfriend when you get married? (future perfect continuous) 

How long will you have been seeing your boyfriend when you get married? 

h. Itrain in Kathmandu next week. (future continuous) 

It will be raining in Kathmandu next week. 

i. How long/you/work here when you retire? (future perfect continuous) 

How long will you have been working here when you retire? 

j.He/ not/finish the cleaning by the time she gets home. (future perfect) 

He will not have finished the cleaning by the time she gets home. 

C. Complete the following sentences with the correct future tense form of the verbs in the brackets. 

a. It....... (snow) in Brighton tomorrow evening. - will snow 

b. On Friday at 8 o'clock, 1. ..... (to meet) my friend. - will have to meet 

C. Wait!ł......... (to drive) you to the station. –will drive 

d. When they get married in March, they ...... (to be) together for six years. –will have been 

e. You're carrying too much. I ............ (to open) the door for you. –will open 

f. Do you think the teacher (to mark) our homework by Monday morning? - will mark 

g. When I see you tomorrow, I ......... (show) you my new book. -will show 

h. After you take a nap, you (to feel) a lot better-will feel

I. I (to let) you know the second the builders finish decorating. - will let 

j. We .......... (to wait) in the shelter until the bus comes. –will have been waiting 

k. I'm very sorry, Dr. Jones ........... (not be) back in the clinic until 2pm. – will not be 

l. This summer, I............. (to live) in Birgunj for four years. –will have been living 

m. I don't think you .... (to have) any problems when you land in Pokhara. -will have had 

n. The baby should be due soon, next week she ........... (to be) pregnant for nine months. –will have been 

o. By the time we get home, they ............ (to play) football for 30 minutes. -will have been playing 

p. When you get off the train, I ........... (to wait) for you by the ticket machine. -will be waiting 

q. This time next week, I ............ (ski) in Switzerland! - will have been skiing 

r. Now, I ............ (to check) my answers. –will check.

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