Class 12 English Grammar Unit 15 Conjunctions Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 15 Connectives Exercise PDF

Unit 15 Grammar PDF

Simply said, conjunctions are words used to join together larger units of language, such as sentences, clauses, and phrases. A conjunction is used to join two or more phrases into one complete thought. You may also search for "joining words" to learn more about conjunctions.

Here are the three varieties of conjunctions:

  1. Coordinate conjunction
  2. Subordinate conjunction
  3. Correlative conjunction

A. Tick the correct one. 

a. He has obtained full mark/marks

b. More than two boys were/was absent. 

C. One of the boy/boys was not found there. 

d. His wonder knew no bounds/bound. 

e. I will give you my words/word

f. He gave me much/many good advice/advices. 

g. He gave wrong information/informations. 

h. Give me two dozens/dozen eggs. 

i. Six miles is/are a long distance. 

j. The clock has struck four hours/hour.

k. Would you lend me a ten rupees/rupee note? 

l. The Nepal government makes a five year/years development plan. 

m. They went to Singapore on a four days/day trip.

B. Which of the sentences is correct in each pair? Rewrite the correct one. 

Correct ones have been indicated with an arrow.

a. My all books are lost. 

  All my books are lost. ←

b. His both brothers are ill. 

Both his brothers are ill. ←

c. Give me a hundred rupee. ←

Give a hundred rupees. 

d. Everybody except me was absent. ←

Everybody except I was absent. 

e. He was died of fever. 

He died of fever. ←

f. It is raining for a week. 

It has been raining for a week. ←

g. I have seen my friend long ago. 

I saw my friend long ago. ←

h. My friend has gone out before I arrived. 

My friend had gone out before I arrived. ←

i. He said he has never seen him before. 

He said he had never seen him before. ←

j. He assured he will come. 

He assured he would come. ←

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