Class 12 English Grammar Unit 19 Used to Verb Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 19 Use to Verb Exercise

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Used to is a verb that refers to a behavior that was formerly routine but is no longer practiced. It takes you back in time to remember how things used to be. You can also use it to talk about old habits or routines that you used to have but don't have anymore. 

For example, "I used to play basketball" means that you played basketball before, but you don't play anymore. 

The correct spelling of the phrase is USED TO, although in spoken form, the D is typically merged into the T of the next word. Something that used to be done but isn't anymore is what this term implies.

"Used to + verb" is a special way to talk about things that happened in the past but don't happen anymore. It's usage overlaps with the simple present more than in any other language I've examined, and sometimes either one may be employed depending on the context.  

An activity that had been routine in the past is introduced with the "used to" formulation in the first instance, whereas the identical notion is introduced with "before....but now" in the second. Just remember that "used to" always talks about the past, not the present or future.

Examples: I used to go to school, but I study from home now.

A. Make sentences from the table below using used to / didn’t use to as shown in the example.

1. She used to travel a lot but now she rarely leaves her town. 2. She used to be lazy but now she works hard. 3. She didn’t use to like junk food but now she eats momo and noodles these days. 4. She used to have a pet but it died last year. 5. She used to be a school teacher but now she is a professor. 6. She used to have many friends but now she has limited friends. 7. She did not use to read many books but she reads a lot of books. 8. She did not use to take coffee but now she drinks coffee. 9. She used to go to parties a lot but now she does not attend parties.

B. Study the following sentences and find the differences between them. 

a. My grandfather used to smoke but he doesn't smoke now. 

b. I would always talk to my grandfather whenever I had a problem. 

Now, complete the sentences with used to or would. 

d. My sister ...used to....have short hair when she was young. 

e. We... used to ... have lunch in the same school café when I was in middle school. 

f. My father ... used to …play badminton before he had a backbone problem. 

G. When I was very young, .... did not use to...(not) like milk. 

H. She ... me after class for a chat. 

I. My mother ... did not use to ...... (not) wear glasses when she was at the university.

J. when I was a child, we used to ...... live in a village. 

k. On Sundays, My mother would. wake up and go to the temple. 

l. How many friends ...would....have in class ten? 

m. My father ... would... always read me bedtime stories before bed.

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