Class 12 English Grammar Unit 20 Adjective Order Exercise

Class 12 English Grammar Unit 20 Adjective Order Exercise

Unit 12 Grammar 

It's enjoyable if you appreciate language, but I never had ESL students who were advanced enough for me to bother with it. This is something that comes naturally to native speakers, who can arrange the words in whichever sequence "sounds right." If you're an advanced student, it may be a real nightmare.

There is a mnemonic that some people use: DOSAS COMP.

If you count "Determiner," there are nine places in English for adjectives, including things like "five," "a," "the," "his," "her," "many," "many," etc.

Eight of these follow on from the results of the Determiner.

Unit 20 Adjective Order



Determiner Adjectives

a/an/the/my/his/some/few etc

Opinion Adjectives

beautiful, ugly, interesting, etc

Size Adjectives

small, big, large, etc

Age Adjectives

new, old, ancient etc

Shape Adjectives

round, square, oval, etc.

Color Adjectives

red, black, blue, etc

Origin Adjectives

Indian, Chinese, Japanese etc

Material Adjectives

golden, wooden, etc

Purpose Adjectives

relaxing, fighting, jumping etc

Watch this video, where I have explained Adjective Order in Simple Way:



Adjective Order

B. Choose the correct alternative. 

a. an old foreign car / a foreign old çar 

An old foreign car 

b. a beautiful white dress/ a white beautiful dress 

A beautiful white dress 

c. a nice tail young manla tall nice young man 

A nice tall young man 

d. a big black wooden desk/ a black wooden big desk 

A big black wooden desk 

e. a delicious Italian pizza / an Italian delicious pizza 

A delicious Ttattant pizza 

f. a huge brown bear / A brown huge bear 

A huge brown bear 

g. a purple cotton sleeping bag / a cotton purple sleeping bag 

A purple cotton sleeping bag 

h. a beautiful old Indian village / an old beautiful Indian village 

An old beautiful Indian village 

i. a cute little kitten/ a little cute kitten 

A cute little kitten 

j. an expensive antique lan antique expensive table 

An antique expensive table 

C. Put the adjectives in the following sentences in the correct order. 

a. I bought /a /comfortable/new) scooter. 

I bought a comfortable new red scooter. 

b. She reached home and sat on (relaxing/old/her/wooden) hair. 

She reached home and sat on her old wooden relaxing chair. 

c. We ate (Chinese/delicious/some) food. 

We ate some delicious Chinese food. 

d. I need (golden/delicious/some/round) apples. 

I need some delicious round golden apples. 

e. We like to live in a (calm/unmediated/remote) place for some time. 

We would like to live in a calm unmediated remote place for 

some time. 

f. She is wearing (silver/beautiful / a(n)/ old) ring. 

She is wearing a beautiful old silver ring. 

g. I am looking for (golden/stylish/a/Japanese) leather watch. 

I am looking for a stylish golden Japanese leather watch. 

h. She dropped (old/china/attractive/a(n)) cup and smashed it. 

She dropped an attractive old China cup and smashed it. 

i. He wants to marry a (young/pretty/educated/a(n)/rustic) girl. 

He wants to marry a pretty young educated rustic girl. 

j. We stayed in a (luxurious/five star/new) hotel in Dubai. 

We stayed in a new luxurious five-star hotel in Dubai. 

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