Class 11 Exam Question Papers PDF 2080 : Account, Math, English, Nepali

Class 11 Question papers

Today I am providing you class 11 questions papers of physics, chemistry, nepali, english and  account. Question paper's PDF download link is provided at the end of this article. You can either download this free pdf for offline use or read PDF online here.

These questions are not official model questions, rather first terminal exam papers. If you want to download PDF of class 11 model questions 2080, then you can visit : Class 11 Model Questions 2080 PDF.

1. Class 11 account Question Paper 

Class 11 account question

2. Physics model question paper Nepal

Physics model question paper

3. Chemistry model question paper

Chemistry model question paper

4. Math model question paper

Math model question paper

5. Computer model question paper

Computer model question paper 2077

6. Zoology and Botany model question paper

5.Zoology and Botany model question paper 2077

7. Nepali model question paper Nepali model question paper 2077

From these question papers, you may have figured out that MCQs are almost mandatory in exam. So, here are some tips from my side to do better in the board exams:
  • Tick the options wisely
  • Re-selection of the option is not accepted in some exams, so be conscious
  • if you are confused in options, try eliminating method,
  • Tick the option wisely and precisely

Why are the questions papers tough in 2080 BS?

  • Shortened academic year for studying,
  • Revised curricula,
  • Different than previous year question papers,
  • Question setting for very long questions ( 8 Marks ),
  • Lack of enough physical reference books and materials,
  • School Routine Fluctuations,
  • One year Gap of NEB exam,
  • Pandemic and lockdown

How can you do better in Class 11 exam?
  • Practise many previous year questions as much as possible,
  • Ask your seniors about the question idea,
  • Always prioritize and study with focus on the topics that your teacher says that are important to you,
  • Never follow any short tricks, shortcut methods,
  • Make a habit of learning new things daily and doing a recap of those things,
  • Never leave the questions undone that are asked in textbook's exercise,

About Class 11 Question Papers PDF 

You'll receive account, physics, chemistry, math, Nepali Question papers PDF asked in the first terminal examination at a college. These questions are unofficial question papers, therefore if you're searching for official model question papers, you can visit class 11 official model question.

In these question papers, you may notice that MCQs are mandatory. Although there were no model question papers published throughout these papers, they are highly scientific and adhere to the official CDC specification grid.

Question papers this year seem to be little more tough. As per model questions, the questions will be asked from diverse topics. Since, the course is new, various topics are changed, so Question papers differ from previous year questions.

Curriculum Development Center, CDC, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur published revised grade 11 specification grid and model questions. Because it is now essential to modify the curricula according to the nation's environment, the present global situation and the necessity of rectifying the curriculum according to the context, CDC has changed the grade 11 course.

Due to frequent pandemics and lockdown, the simple accessibility of changing curriculum and literature updated to the new curriculum was not convenient. It was thus essential for the students to know how to ask the questions, and not only the students, but also the teachers to have the concept of how to create an ideal question paper. 

For that, you can see these school's questions papers that were asked in the first grade 11 terminal test. And, they aren't official model question papers, you may make your mind on How will the questions be posed in grade 11 in 2080 BS and beyond.

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