Class 11 Social Unit 2 Lesson 4 Notes

Class 11 Social Studies unit 2 Lesson 4

Class 11 Social Studies unit 2 Lesson 4 deals with the usage of Internet in Learning and Education. This chapter basically tells how one can use the internet for getting educational materials and making their learning better. Enlisted in grade 11 social unit 2 lesson 4, it tells us about how a internet can be crucial for the students who want to learn a lot of things from the internet. 

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Internet is being vital in our daily life. About this, various aspects have been covered in this article and this is the class 11 social studies unit 2 which is entitled as "Internet bata suchana tatha adyan samagri khoji ra Prayog" From the day of implementation of social book in Nepali medium. It has been a big burden for boarding or English medium students. Therefore, I thought to provide the social studies notes in Nepali from youtube and in English medium notes from this platform. If you were seeking for Nepali medium notes, this relevant video has been embed here:

Lesson 4        Searching and using information and study materials from the Internet

Activities 1. Create a poster by writing about the benefits of search engines. Ans; (Create the posters on your own by considering the following merits of internet)

The advantages of search engines are as follows; -Quick and free access to the information you need -Easy answers to queries, problems and questions -Learn about new technologies and styles -Facilitate the exploration of news world events, general knowledge, educational materials, etc.

2. Use a search engine to create a dialogue that includes things to pay attention to. Ans; (Ram and Hari study in the same school. Here is a conversation they had when they returned home from school about the things to look for when using a search engine):

Ram: Today, Guru explained a lot about search engines, Hari! Hari: I don't know how to use it Ram: Yes, but it is very easy, you have been using it yourself! Hari: Yes and how? Ram: You are using it in your daily life, we just read it systematically today. If you don't know anything, go to Google and search for it. The word you use to search Google is called keyword in English. Search engines like google bing are the means by which you can go and search. It helps to get all the content on the Internet quickly, quickly and reliably. This is especially true of information available on websites such as .gov .org, Wikipedia, etc.

Hari: Oh, It was very easy. I learned more from you than I did in two schools. Thank you very much, friend. See you tomorrow. (Both go home)

Exercise (A) What is a search engine? Write down its importance. Ans: Search engines are various platforms designed to facilitate the search for various content available on the Internet. Examples: Google, Wing, Yahoo, etc. In the present century, the use of the Internet is incomplete without search engines. Search engines play a vital role in systematically distributing content across the Internet to Internet users. Here are some points to illustrate its importance: 1) You can easily find various information you need from the internet 2) Students can become self-reliant in teaching and learning 3) A quick and quick solution to all the queries of the mind. Overall, without the Internet search engine, it would be very messy and cumbersome. Search engines have made it easier to use.

4) Features like cloud working, reverse image search, messaging apps offered by Google are very crucial these days.

(B) Write the names of any two search engines. Ans: Google and Bing are some of the popular search engines. Yin is further discussed as follows: 1) Google Google came into use on September 4, 1998. Google, which has been in use since 1998, has become a popular search engine worldwide by 2021. Google's communications are also pre-connected to every mobile computer. Google has popular search engines like Google and YouTube that most people around the world use to find solutions to their various queries. Due to its reliability, it is considered to be the most used search engine in the world.

2) Bing Bing is also a search engine used to search Internet content. Although not as large and reliable as Google, it is widely used in countries where Google is banned, such as China.

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