Here are my tips to score 100/100 in Physics Board Exam

How to score 100 in Physics Exam? | Physics exam tips

Today, I am going to share with you some best tips to score 100 or score well in Physics exam. I won't assure that after reading this article you will be able to score 100/100, because unless you follow them with self-discipline they're not gonna work. 

I have shared these tips based on my personal experience. Before moving on, I want to tell you that the only key to score good marks not only in physics but also in chemistry, mathematics and other subjects too is practise. 

There is no magic trick, shortcut or miracle that will help you to score good marks in physics but the key thing is to practise. 

Smart study rather than hard study is important to achieve well marks in exam. I am sure you like these tips.

Students must focus on physics. It is not as simple as chemistry, but it is not too difficult either, given the students' preparedness. 

Physics is a vital subject in both board and competitive examinations. It takes a lot of practise, review, and dedication to get a 100 in physics. Work with a strategic strategy will provide results.

Want to know that super-trick which Toppers use to get good marks in physics exam? Then, follow some of these best working practises to get better marks in physics.

But Before learning the tricks, 

You are interested in getting Good Marks in Physics, 

But, have you ever thought why aren't you getting desired marks in Physics?

There could be many reasons why you aren't getting desired marks in physics, but there are common reasons why a student studies a lot, still can't get the desired marks. 

1. You tried to study everything in short period. 

In two hours, finish one lesson. If someone asks, you must say A to Z from it. For a long time, other people worked on a single page, but you always hurry to finish many. It's more important to learn quality than to learn a lot.
"Quality study is better than quantity."

2. During class time, You didn't listen and others did. 

Listening is crucial. Listening in class also helps students understand the lesson for the exam. In order to improve your grades, "listening is the most important ability."
You must be able to listen in order to learn.

3. The environment is essential. 

Listen to your friends converse and sing as you study. If you're able to study effectively in this environment, do so. If you cannot study, find some peaceful place. That's because studying while listening to music doesn't help you solve problems. 
"Good marks come from good work in a good environment."

4. Recalling information from the notes. 

That's not something that can be accomplished in a single night. As a result, devote 30 minutes a day to learning about each subject. Take a few minutes to list down some notes. "Writing one time is far preferable than reading 10 times" as the saying goes.

5. To sum up, texting or chatting on the phone while you're trying to finish a project won't help. Take care of each task individually. If you employ technology, your grades will be more technical.

Strong Tips to get good marks in physics

I got 97 in physics this year, so here are some tips from me. Physics paper is often very difficult compared to chemistry or math because it has very well-based questions. So you need to grasp ideas well. I saw many people saying I am not very good at physics, if you are also one of them, then follow these steps.

  1. Always be punctual in submitting lab reports,
  2. Don't try to cover each and everything, doing so makes you feel bored in shorter time and you may miss out really important questions and end up empty minded
  3. Never rush into topics, first understand the basic concept,
  4. Learn it, rather than reciting it,
  5. Make a separate note copy for important formulae and derivations
  6. Don't waste too much time writing long answers in VSQs and SQs.
  7. Master on each derivations. Learn and practise each and every formulae and derivations.  Don't just hold them up, straight. Familiarize yourself with all the relevant diagrams so that you are ready to simply print the answer on a sheet of paper. They benefit greatly. So, learn all derivations, not memorize!
  8. Make a list of all the formulae you encounter and review them daily. It will do wonders for you.
  9. Do not start with textbook hard questions. They are very hard and do not come often. Instead buy Old is gold books and do all last year's questions honestly. Understand the ideas behind each answer. And don't just do it once. Do it at least 5-7 times. It will build your confidence and help you to answer many questions.
  10. Now start with sample paper questions. Collect a sample of papers from the last 10 years and do all the questions. Give special emphasis to last 3 years samples.
  11. Now if you still have the remaining power then start with hard questions of textbook. First, make solved examples only. They are more likely to come for the test. Then the rest questions. And NOT ALL. Only select a few are standard.
  12. Try to answer the questions in bullets or points wherever it is possible. It makes easier for the reader or examinee to catch the idea about what are you answering there, Paragraphs are always boring to read.
  13. Numerical problems need higher ability and math logic to understand the question and answer the numerical using correct formula. For this, at least recite all formulae important. Without formula, what else can be done?
  14. Take your time and make sure you don’t spend extra time on any questions. As you get 3 hours for 75 marks paper in NEB exams. So write your answers correctly. The time you spend on theoretical questions is the time you spend finding practical questions.
  15. Try to make your answer paper look good And always make the questions you trust first. Break the order you want to make.

Bonus Tips for physics exam day:

  1. Be confident as you sit down for your physics exam, knowing that you've studied hard to pass it. 
  2. Prepare the necessary tools (calculators, pencils, pens) and carefully read each question. Before attempting to solve a problem, it is important to identify and record the data given and the unknown.
  3. Use your time well. Avoid spending too much time on one question to ensure you finish the test.

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I hope these tips for getting good marks in physics are helpful to you.

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