Class 11 English Unit 13 Mahabir Pun Exercise, Grammar Notes

This article is about Class 11 English Unit 13 Notes PDF. The unit name is 'Career and Entrepreneurship' and topic of the text is "Mahabir Pun: A Visionary Social Entrepreneur". You can download free PDF of this notes with the link provided in this article.

Unit 13 Mahabir Pun Exercise PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun PDF

Class 11 English Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun

Class 11 English Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun

Class 11 English Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun

Class 11 English Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun


Mahabir Pun is one of the visionary social worker of Nepal. He believes that the education system of Nepal should focus on building technical mindset in students rather than the traditional hone. Innovation is critical to the growth of the economy. Developing new ideas is a secondary goal for students in Nepal, even if they do well academically. Research and innovative ideas aren't given much attention in our schools, colleges, or institutions.
Countries that have prospered economically have placed a high value on research and development, and they have allocated large amounts of money to fostering their creative populations. The focus is often placed on a research-based education. Our educational system does not inspire students to think creatively or innovatively. 

Because Nepalese society prohibits young people from taking chances, there aren't any opportunities for them here. There hasn't been much progress in our education system since it was founded on books and classrooms. Because of this, tens of thousands of students leave the nation each year in order to further their education.
In order to foster innovative thinking, the concept of innovation must be emphasised in the classroom. Those with technical skills do not want to stay in Nepal and continue their careers here. The government's job is to create an environment and support system that encourages Nepal's brightest, most innovative, and most creative citizens.

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