Sathi lai Chithi Exercise : Questions & Answers Class 11

sathi lai chithi in nepali

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Sathi lai Chithi in Nepali book of Class 11 unit 5 is a letter written by a person who lives in abroad about his condition. Full Exercise Questions and Answers are provided here.

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Sathi Lai Chithi class 11 exercise

Sathi lai Chithi Exercise : Questions & Answers Class 11
Sathi lai Chithi Exercise : Questions & Answers Class 11

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Sathi Lai Chithi Summary

Sathi lai chithi revolves around a man who has gone abroad. He thinks that working in Nepal and getting paid is not enough and not easy for his living. So, because of the ambition of earning a lot of money by going abroad, he has gone to a foreign country. But, Things change when his condition becomes miserable.

Sathi lai chithi in class 11 Nepali book is one of the inspirational chapters which teaches about the love of home country. In Nepal, being one of the developing countries, the development of communication in a total way has not been completed yet, Therefore, still post offices are in use for communication. Furthermore, for applying for a vacancy or job, or to get any approval from the authority. Letters are used for that purpose. Feeling the necessity of the letter writing, this "Sathi lai chithi" has been enlisted in grade 11 compulsory Nepali book unit 5.  

Everything goes well until he gets ill. He is fired from his job and then, he becomes unable to work. He didn't save or invest any money, so He had a great struggle to survive. In this place, he remembers his motherland, Nepal. He thinks, he wouldn't have been homeless, and jobless if he had been in Nepal. He hadn't called or lettered his old parents in the home after going abroad. Now he realizes everything and writes a letter to his friend. He states how he had suffered there, how he wasted the money previously, and how the life hit in his head. He promises to return to Nepal and do whatever he knows but will do passionately.

Furthermore, Sathi Lai Chithi is a unit 5 chapter of the revised class 11 compulsory Nepali book. And After this article, you will get the exact idea of how to do all the questions answers of this chapter as well. 

Sathilai chithi 11 notes are hoped to be helpful for the students of grade 11. Sathi lai chithi of class 11 Nepali new book is now easy because of these notes.

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