4 Google Ads Strategies to Minimize Advertising cost and Maximize Sales in 2024

Google Ads is a great way to get your website out to the public, but without these simple strategies, you could be spending more than you need to. If you implement these strategies right away, you will not only see more potential customers, but more sales in 2024. 

1. Testing Campaigns

The first Google Ads strategy that can be implemented from day one is testing your campaigns. Every campaign that you create must be tested in several ways. 

  • First, you must test each link to make sure they are working. 
  • By searching your campaign on Google, you can find where they are ranked. 
  • Once found, check your URL link for errors. 

This should be the very first step before you start spending any advertising dollars. Without a live URL, your advertising will be worthless and you will see zero conversions.

2. Keyword Selection

The next strategy that you can implement is finding your keywords. By using Google Keyword Planner tool to find your short keywords or long-tail keywords, you can find low competition but high search results keywords. 

Google Keyword Planner

This will allow you to spend less money on your advertisement and have a higher ranking in the search results. Be sure to know the exact amount of people that search your keywords. By using Google Ads keyword tool, you should be able to find a keyword that has low competition.

3. Understanding Customers

Another Google Ads strategy that will benefit your campaign is understanding your customers. Your campaign should include important words that will have your customer’s opting-in and buying. 

This can be done by putting words such as buy, buy now, etc. This will target customers to your campaign that are only willing to spend money. 

The overall goal of creating a campaign is to have your customers follow through with a transaction. If you have created a successful campaign, you should see high click through rates with more conversions.

4. Conversion-friendly Landing Page

The last strategy that can be used when setting up your Google Ads campaign is your landing page. This is just as important as your campaign. Keep your landing page short and straight to the point. 

Your landing page should contain eye-catching pictures or video’s to draw your customer to opt-in. In should include important information with the use of bullets or short and detailed text. The less time your customers have to think and question your product, the more effective your landing page will be.


Here, I shared 4 Google Ads Strategies to minimize cost of advertising and maximize sales. By testing each campaign, you will know exactly where your ad is ranked in Google and if you links are working correctly. By using Google Ads Keyword tool, you will find the most cost effective keywords for your campaign. If your landing page is short, informative and eye catching, you will see more buyers and conversions. 

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