7 Ways to Increase your Website Traffic & Boost Adsense Earnings

7 Legit Ways to Increase your Website Traffic for Boosting Adsense Earnings

Want to earn more money from your website through Google Adsense? Curious how to bring in more visitors through search engines? Here are some tips to boost your Adsense revenue and traffic.

Don't obsess over rankings alone - like trying for hours to rank high in Google without seeing results. Meanwhile your Adsense ads are getting no love!

The key to making more from Adsense is simple - increasing traffic.

So your site is up and running with optimized pages, but you're still waiting on that first paycheck from Adsense. Or you know you could earn more by attracting more visitors. So, in this article, I will be sharing with you how you can increase your traffic in your website, ultimately helping you make more money out of it. 

Ways to increase Website Traffic to Boost Adsense Earnings

There are 7 easy things you can do right now to immediately start increasing your Adsense income, plus help build it up over the coming months too. These moves will put more eyeballs on your Adsense ads to generate income while also driving search traffic to your site. Just follow these strategies to start seeing results.

1. Content is the king 

Quality, engaging posts are still the best way to get people to find your site naturally through Google searches and increase your Adsense revnue over time. By focusing on making valuable, frequently-updated content that actually helps or entertains readers, you show Google that you're the expert in your topics and should rank higher in search results. 

It also gives visitors a reason to stick around on pages longer and click more ads. And that leads to more daily, monthly, and yearly Adsense crevenue from all the new visitors finding you through searches and their interests. Keep them coming back for more with new stuff that gives them a real reason to keep coming back.

2. Get Quality Backlinks but do not Involve in Spam Backlinks

Though, you may have heard backlinks are worthless or not of much importance in 2023, Google still uses it as a important metric to find about the site's authority. 

Content was always king, is king and will be always. Good content can help you find a natural backlink automatically. Basically, backlink is when a person writing a article similar to yours or somehow relevant to yours find your content good, and links your article in his blogpost. 

Due to the abuse of this backlink-based ranking, spammy backlinks, baclink exchange campaigns, Google no longer idolizes backlinks to be the sole way to rank articles. However, gaining links and building authroity is always the best idea to send a positive signal to google and also to get the inital push of traffic in your website. 

Build links to your site – not just any links, but links with sites which have related content. To build and develop your links, there are two strategies that I have found useful. The first is to type in your keywords, and the phrase “add url” or “submit site” and you will find several sites that are related to your content that are actively looking to share articles or guestpost. 

3. Write articles for Article Directories

One quick way to get more people to your site is by writing articles. You don't need long ones - just 250 words or more is good. Then submit them to article directories online. These are places that collect short informational writings on different topics. When people search those sites, they could find and read your articles.

If you're not sure what to write about, check discussion forums. See what questions people are asking each other. You could write an article answering one of those questions. That way, someone searching for that answer might find your article instead.

Plus, when you include a small link back to your website in each article, it helps your site ranking over time. The search engines like Google look at how many sites are linking to yours as one way to decide where to place it in their results. So writing articles can directly send people to your site now and help search rankings later on. Give it a try - it's an easy way to boost traffic without much effort on your part.

4. Make an ebook and promote it

A great way to get more people to your website is by making a short free ebook or report on a useful topic. Share it online and watch it spread your site's message all over the place.

These "special reports" don't need to be long - even just a few pages will work. Or you could combine a few related articles you found to make one. Putting information people want in their hands gets them interested in what else you have to offer on your site.

5. Be Active on Forums and Discussion Groups

Once you have your freebie made, visit forums like Quora, Reddit, Stackoverflow and other community sites. Leave comments, answer to the questions and share your creation, always including a link back to where they can get it from your website.

You can also add a catchy "signature" at the bottom of your answers mentioning your original website link. This engages people's curiosity to learn more about your site when they see you interacting online.

Both engaging in online discussions with useful answers and giving away an ebook get your web address visible all over the internet. Plus, every time someone links back to your site from those places, it helps its ranking in searches over time. A free report can turn people you reach into new visitors for your website.

6. Have your own blog as part of your website

Having a blog on your website is another great way to attract visitors. Writing blog posts may be easier than long articles. You can make entries of any length, and longer is generally better.

Be sure to include keywords that people might search for. You can earn extra money by putting affiliate links in your blog posts. These are special links that pay you a commission if someone clicks through and buys something.

Whenever you add a new blog post, use Google Search Console indexing tool to notify the search engines like Google. This "pings" them so they know to come check for fresh content. Search engines love regularly updated blogs because it shows your site has new information often.

Both search engines and people will keep coming back to your site to see what new posts you've added. Over time, this consistent posting helps improve your search rankings. Even if visitors don't stay long, the search engines will see your site as more active and relevant. So starting a blog is an easy way to generate traffic and raises your profile online.

7. Email Marketing

Don't forget to build your email list! Think of all the visitors who come to your site only once - you're missing out on future opportunities with them.

Capture people's email addresses as they browse your blog or website. Offer a free service in exchange of email signup, for example the PDF version of the article to be send on the email to add their mail in your list. Or add a small popup window asking people to join your list.

Having an email list lets you stay in touch with visitors even after they leave. You can send them to your new blog posts or offer deals on products. Over time, as you share helpful information, they'll trust you as an expert.

Then when you recommend affiliate products through your emails, you'll earn a commission from any sales. All successful online businesses have a devoted email list they sell to regularly.

It's really the best way to build a sustainable, profit-generating website long-term. So get those signup forms set up - your future profitability depends on growing a loyal following through your email list! 

I hope these points will help you to increase the traffic in your website and help you to increase your earnings made from Adsense. If you have any comments, feel free to leave them below. 

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