16 YouTube SEO Tips : Simple yet Effective Strategies to Get More Views in 2024

16 YouTube SEO Tips : Simple yet Effective Strategies to Get More Views

It's no secret that people prefer watching videos to just reading plain text. Our brains digest visuals and pictures better than words alone. That's why YouTube has blown up in popularity as a way for anyone to have an online presence.

The truth is, YouTube videos often pop up at the top of Google searches, outranking most optimized websites. As someone trying to market online, you gotta pay attention to what this means. When done right, an optimized YouTube video could be just what your business needs to get a boost.

YouTube SEO Tips

Audio visual media is more popular than plain text. You can utilize it to SEO your website and your business. Here are some tips to use YouTube for your SEO:

  1. Keep it short. No one is going to see a 30 minute video on web hosting. Besides you are not Brad Pitt. So keep it short and to the point.
  2. Short videos cut production costs, upload and download times.
  3. Make catchy thumbnail, because YouTube CTR is very important metric.
  4. Prepare a script, rehearse it, tape it so that you know how it sounds. This will help you deliver your script crisply without stammering or mumbling.
  5. Film it in the highest quality format you can afford.
  6. Allow comments on the video. Interaction is good for business.
  7. Use the text boxes and annotations. But be sparing about it. Do not go overboard as this can distract attention from the video and even irritate the viewer.
  8. Search engine spiders do not comprehend videos so use the text fields with key words.
  9. SEO is all about keywords. Your keywords should appear in titles, description and tags of the video. Use long tailed key words, original titles and optimized tags.
  10. Try to make your content original. YouTube viewers are picky that way. The more original the content is, the better the chance of standing out. Use interaction as a method of creating interest in your videos. Comment on other videos, make friends. All this helps in virally marketing your video.
  11. Enable embedding but follow the link. You want the outside website to be relevant to your business.
  12. Increase your video views by email campaigns and showcasing your video on blogs and websites.
  13. Participate in social networking sites. This will help getting your on to YouTubes home page.
  14. Use YouTube Insight to evaluate your video and learn from other videos. These statistics give you great insight and help improve your videos.
  15. Monetize your videos using adsense so that you can start earning from your videos immediately.
  16. Do not use programs that are unethical and help you create false accounts and backlinks for your videos. YouTube like Google will ban you permanently.


As I said earlier, videos are just more engaging. We naturally gravitate towards them more than walls of words. YouTube understands this, which is why videos do so well in searches. If you make videos that match what people search for and optimize them properly, they could really help your business stand out from competitors online. Don't sleep on YouTube - it could give your marketing a major boost with minimal effort.

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