Facebook CPM Rates by Country 2024

The digital advertising world is always changing, so marketers need to stay on top of how much ads cost these days. Something called a "Cost Per Mille" or CPM rate tells you how much you pay per thousand views. 

Since Facebook is such a huge player in online ads, their CPM rates can give you a good idea of how cost-effective your campaigns will be in different countries.

This guide dives into the Facebook CPM rates by country for 2024. It breaks down the numbers so advertisers know what to expect as they plan campaigns around the world. 

Facebook CPM Rates by Country

Understanding CPM

Before we get into the nitty gritty details, let's make sure we all know what a CPM is. CPM stands for "Cost Per Thousand" - it tells you how much dough you're shelling out every time a thousand people see your ad.

Facebook is one of the big players, so knowing their CPMs is helpful. Being aware of your CPM is super important because it lets you know how much you're spending to reach each group of a thousand viewers. This can help you get the most bang for your buck by placing ads in different spots online.

Basically, CPM is a key metric that helps you figure out which platforms or targeting choices are most cost-effective for connecting your brand with the audiences you want to hit. Make sense? Cool, now we can dive into the real taste of those CPM numbers.

Facebook CPM Rates by Country in 2024

Facebook CPM rates in different countries continue to vary widely in 2024, mirroring each place's unique economic situations and how people use social media there. Here is the data for facebook cpm rates by country in 2024:
Countries CPM
Afghanistan $0.60
Aland Islands $1.60
Albania $0.20
Algeria $0.40
American Samoa $1.80
Andorra $0.40
Angola $0.80
Anguilla $0.20
Antigua and Barbuda $0.60
Argentina $0.60
Armenia $0.40
Aruba $0.60
Australia $12.00
Austria $8.20
Azerbaijan $0.80
Bahamas $0.80
Bahrain $1.40
Bangladesh $0.40
Barbados $0.60
Belarus $2.00
Belgium $8.72
Belize $0.60
Benin $1.20
Bhutan $0.20
Bolivia $1.40
Bosnia and Herzegovina $0.20
Botswana $0.60
Brazil $0.80
British Virgin Islands $0.60
Brunei $1.00
Bulgaria $0.40
Burkina Faso $0.40
Burundi $1.80
Cambodia $0.40
Cameroon $0.60
Canada $13.33
Cape Verde $0.20
Cayman Islands $2.00
Central African Republic $0.20
Chad $0.20
Chile $0.80
China $0.80
Colombia $0.40
Comoros $0.40
Costa Rica $0.80
Croatia $4.82
Cyprus $0.60
Czech Republic $1.00
Democratic Republic of the Congo $0.20
Denmark $8.83
Djibouti $0.20
Dominica $0.40
Dominican Republic $0.60
Egypt $0.80
El Salvador $0.60
Equatorial Guinea $0.40
Eritrea $0.40
Estonia $0.60
Ethiopia $0.40
Falkland Islands $0.20
Faroe Islands $0.40
Fiji $0.40
Finland $6.53
France $7.65
French Guiana $0.80
French Polynesia $0.80
Gabon $0.60
Gambia $0.40
Georgia $0.20
Germany $9.55
Ghana $0.80
Gibraltar $0.40
Greece $3.93
Greenland $0.40
Grenada $0.40
Guadeloupe $1.00
Guam $0.40
Guatemala $1.00
Guernsey $11.50
Guinea $0.40
Guyana $1.00
Haiti $1.40
Honduras $0.60
Hong Kong $8.12
Hungary $4.85
Iceland $17.00
India $2.60
Indonesia $1.80
Iraq $2.00
Ireland $11.08
Isle of Man $2.60
Israel $16.50
Israel $5.79
Italy $1.20
Italy $7.66
Jamaica $0.80
Japan $6.74
Jersey $9.50
Jordan $0.80
Kazakhstan $11.50
Kenya $1.00
Kiribati $0.20
Kuwait $1.80
Kyrgyzstan $0.80
Laos $0.20
Latvia $0.80
Lebanon $1.60
Lesotho $0.60
Libya $0.40
Liechtenstein $1.00
Lithuania $0.40
Luxembourg $7.80
Macao $1.00
Macedonia $0.20
Madagascar $0.40
Malawi $0.80
Malaysia $3.42
Maldives $0.20
Mali $0.40
Malta $1.00
Marshall Islands $0.20
Martinique $1.00
Mauritania $0.20
Mauritius $0.60
Mayotte $0.40
Mexico $5.26
Micronesia $0.20
Moldova $0.40
Monaco $0.40
Mongolia $0.20
Montenegro $0.20
Morocco $0.60
Mozambique $0.60
Namibia $1.00
Nauru $0.40
Nepal $0.40
Netherlands $9.02
New Caledonia $1.00
New Zealand $8.64
Nicaragua $0.40
Niger $0.20
Nigeria $3.00
Northern Mariana Islands $0.20
Norway $9.19
Oman $1.80
Pakistan $0.60
Palau $0.20
Palestinian Territory $0.40
Panama $1.00
Papua New Guinea $1.00
Paraguay $0.40
Peru $0.40
Philippines $10.19
Poland $8.94
Portugal $9.39
Puerto Rico $1.40
Qatar $1.20
Republic of Korea $7.72
Republic of the Congo $0.40
Reunion $0.80
Romania $0.60
Russia $5.04
Rwanda $0.40
Saint Kitts and Nevis $0.40
Saint Lucia $0.60
Saint Vincent and the Grenadines $0.60
Samoa $0.60
San Marino $0.20
Sao Tome and Principe $0.40
Saudi Arabia $1.60
Senegal $0.40
Serbia $0.20
Seychelles $0.20
Sierra Leone $0.40
Singapore $8.23
Slovakia $0.80
Slovenia $3.62
Solomon Islands $0.40
Somalia $0.40
South Africa $12.50
South Korea $2.20
Spain $8.94
Sri Lanka $0.60
Suriname $0.60
Swaziland $0.40
Sweden $9.03
Switzerland $9.26
Taiwan $0.80
Tajikistan $0.60
Tanzania $1.20
Thailand $0.60
Togo $0.40
Tonga $0.20
Trinidad and Tobago $1.00
Tunisia $0.20
Turkey $0.60
Turkmenistan $0.40
Turks and Caicos Islands $1.20
Tuvalu $0.20
U.S. Virgin Islands $1.20
Uganda $0.60
Ukraine $2.80
United Arab Emirates $8.53
United Kingdom $10.31
United States $21.00
Uruguay $0.40
Uzbekistan $0.80
Vanuatu $0.20
Vatican $1.80
Venezuela $0.40
Vietnam $0.20
Yemen $0.40
Zambia $1.20

Factors Affecting Facebook CPM Rates

A few things play a role in affecting Facebook's CPM numbers. 
  1. For one, higher quality ads that are more tailored to their target audience could mean lower CPMs since Facebook judges them as a better match.
  2. Competition in the market is also a big factor. If an area has a ton of advertisers vying for people's attention, it can drive up costs. 
  3. Certain countries or regions may also be pricier to reach since demand is so high.
  4. You've also gotta watch out for seasonal trends. Events like holidays tend to jack up CPMs due to increased competition from everyone wanting a piece of that audience.
The quality of your targeting and creative, how saturated the market is in different places, and what audience you want - all these things color the rates Facebook sets. It pays to keep these influencers in mind as you do your research and planning. The better you understand the landscape, the more wisely you can spend.

Strategies to Optimize Facebook Ads and Boost Conversions

Here are some tips to help you Optimize Facebook Ads and Boost Conversions in 2024:
  1. Tailor your audience as much as possible. The more specific you can make your targeting, the more likely people who see your ads will actually be interested. This could help lower what you pay per thousand impressions.
  2. Make your ads really pop. Spend some time creating ads that really engage people and feel relevant to them. The better your ads are, the more Facebook might cut you a break on pricing.
  3. Watch the calendar. Take note of when similar companies tend to advertise more and try timing your campaigns outside of peak competition periods. That could earn you some savings.
  4. Consider expanding borders. Look into running ads in other countries where costs tend to be lower. If your product can work for customers worldwide, this can potentially squeeze more value from each ad dollar.
The goal is getting the most eyes on your ads without breaking the bank. Fine-tuning your targeting, upping your creative game, being strategic with dates, and playing with location options may all help stretch your Facebook budget further.

Wrapping Up 

In the end, all these varying Facebook ad prices between countries really show that planning is important. To get the most bang for your buck with digital ads, you gotta pay attention to what drives up costs and come up with ways to work around that. Keeping your audience targeting sharp, ads good, timing smart, and looking overseas if it makes sense - that kind of tactical approach can help you connect with people without breaking the bank. And that's what it's all about right?

This whole online ad space is constantly changing too. You gotta be ready to change up your game plan as needed. Only by staying flexible and on top of what's happening will you truly get the most out of Facebook promotions. With the right strategy in place, you can really maximize the return from all your Facebook ad spending.

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