Class 11 Hotel Management Model Question Paper 2080

specification grid of hospitality management class 11

Hospitality management Specification Grid 2079

Finally, CDC has published class 11 Hospitality management model question paper for 2080. If you want the PDF file of this question, you can click the "download PDF" button at the bottom of this article. PDF is free, therefore you can save it on your device for offline reading. You can simply choose to read the PDF online here as well.

Class 11 Hotel management Model Question Paper: 

Candidates are required to give their answers in their own words as far as practical. The figures in the margin indicate full marks.

Group: A
Write Very short answer to the following Questions. 9x1=9
1. Define hospitality.
2. Mention the basic components of tourism.
3. Write a way which helps to increase the day of living for tourist in Nepal.
4. Write any one importance of chain hotel.
5. List out any two key positions of hotel industry. 
6. Classify hotel on the basis of its location. 
7. List out any two personal skills of hospitality workforce.
8. Write an importance of market in tourism. 
9. Define 'tourism brand'.

                                 Group: B
Write Short answer to the following Questions. 5x5=25
10. State the importance of amenities in tourism.
11. Describe briefly the traits and attributes required for hospitality services.
12. Briefly examine the functions of front office department.
13. What is organisation chart? Draw an organisation chart of large hotel.
14. Explain the role of service in hospitality industry.

                                Group: C
Write Long answer to the following Questions. 2x8=16
15. Define hospitality and explain its nature and characteristics. 
16. Examine the factors affected to the growth and development of hospitality 
industry in Nepal after 1950 A.D.
                                Best Of Luck

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About Hostel Management Model Question Paper PDF 2080:

Hospitality/Hotel Management is one of the vital subjects for grade 11 students. The official model question paper of hospitality management according to the revised curriculum of 2080 with free PDF download link issued by curriculum development center, Sanothimi, Bhaktapur is provided here.

From these questions, students are requested to answer the questions on their own way. It is aimed to be helpful for the teachers as well as students because teachers will get the idea on how to manage the questions and students will figure out the method to prepare for their exams. Hence, It will be very helpful for all of the students. 

According to the specification grid of this subject, it is clearly figured out that there will be total of 16 questions in which very short questions, short answer questions and long answer questions will be asked separately. Among which, 9 marks questions will be from very short questions in which each question will be asked for a mark. Similarly, 25 numbers will be asked from short questions, similarly, 16 numbers will be asked from long questions.

You may now have figured out the idea about the question pattern of hospitality management questions. You can also do some practises and revisions before your exam.

Are Hospitality Management and Hotel Management the same?
Some people still may get confused, if hotel management and hospitality management are all same or different. But, these both subjects are different and CDC also makes different model question papers for these subjects and also the different specification grid. Although the ultimate goal of both subjects is all same. Still, there are some key differences between these two subjects. 

Hospitality management actually deals with the way to treat or how to give the proper hospitality to the people, whereas hotel management deals with all round things related to the hotel like cooking, hospitality of customers and many more. Hence, we can say Hospitality management and hotel management subject are not actually the same.

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