Class 10 English Unit 4 Memoirs of My Visit to France Notes PDF Download

 Unit 4 
Reporting Commands 
Memoirs of my visit to France 

Questions Answers:

a. What was the weather like?
→ It was raining and the sky was cloudy.
b. Where was Musée Rodin?
→ The Musee Rodin was in Paris.
c. Describe the road as the author described it.
→ The road was broad. Poplar trees provided shade for the city's streets. The road was covered with the dried leaves of maple and exotic trees, creating a multi-colored carpet.
d. Why did the author feel lonely and helpless?
→ There were a lot of people who didn't speak English, so the author felt lonely and helpless.
e. Why did the author buy a hand machine?
→ In order to explain everything in English, the author bought a machine that could play the recorded voice. Since there was nobody or very few people who spoke English, he bought that hand machine.
f. What was the garden like? Describe it briefly.
→Most of the topiary in the garden was done with fir and pine trees that were shaped like pointed cones. There were trees in the distance that had birds singing from their branches. There were walnuts, junipers, and yews in the distance.
g. Describe Rodin’s Thinking Man in a few sentences. Rodin’s pensive mood is remarkable.
→Rodin's Thinking Man was in a half-bent position on a marble slab. His replica was very thoughtful and mysterious. Author thinks that this is one of the best examples of modern art.
h. When did the author visit the museum in Baltimore?
→The author had been to the Baltimore museum three years ago.
i. Where was the replica of Rodin’s thinker man?
→There was a replica of Rodin's thinking man in Baltimore.

j. What was the theme of a brochure distributed at the metro station?
→The theme of a brochure distributed out at the metro station was to go to the Rodin Museum on the first day, enter the grounds of the sculpture garden, and get up close and personal with the thinker in order to get a sense of the weight of his contemplative mood.

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Class 10 English Unit 4 Memoirs of My Visit to France | Class 10 English Notes

Class 10 English Unit 4 Memoirs of My Visit to France | Class 10 English Notes

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