Unit 11 Parents Class 10 English Notes PDF Download

  Unit 11 
Expressing Preferences 

Answer the following questions 

a. Where is Anuja going?

→ Anuja is going to the place to meet her e-friend.


b. What was her father’s suggestion?

→ Her father cautioned her about those who pretend to be youngsters in order to prey upon innocent teenage girls.


c. Why did Anuja tell her secret to her father?

→It was Anuja's big secret that she had previously communicated with her e-friend pretending to be a boy. She informed her father of this in order to prevent any misunderstanding that could arise when she would meet her e-friend face-to-face.


d. What did her father notice on the other side of the road?

→ Her father noticed a car with dark windows parked on the other side of the road.


e. Did Anuja meet her friend? Why not?

→ No, she didn’t meet her friend because she didn't appear.

f. How did her father feel in the end?

→ He felt very embarrassed and unhappy in the end.

g. Who do you think is cleverer, Anuja's father or the mother of Anuja’s friend?

→ I think the mother of Anuja’s friend is cleverer.

h. Write down the major traits of Anuja’s father.

→ Anuja's father was a very alert, worried, and caring father.

i. Do you think Anuja’s father was caring? Why? Why not? Give reasons.

→ He cared, that's for sure. Because of his concern for his daughter, he drove her to meet her online friend.

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Unit 11 Parents Class 10 English Notes

Unit 11 Parents Class 10 English Notes

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