Class 10 English Unit 14 Reunion of the Family Exercise

 Unit 14
Family Reunion Exercise

Reunion of The Family Complete Exercise:

Unit 14 Reunion of the Family Exercise Class 10 English

Unit 14 Reunion of the Family Exercise Class 10 English

Question Answers:

a. Who was leaving the house?
Dinesh’s grandma Pabitra was leaving the house.

b. How many members were there in Jayaram’s family and who were they?
His family consisted of 5 people. Jayaram, his mother, Pabitra, his wife, Junakiri, his son, Khanchuu, and the maid, Naani were among them.

c. When did Dinesh’s parents realise that their son was not happy at all?
When Dinesh didn't show any interest in the tablet that had been given to him as a present, Dinesh's parents realized that their kid wasn't happy at all.

d. Do you have a housekeeper like Naani at your home? If yes, how do you behave towards her?
Yes, we have a housekeeper similar to Naani. Our whole family treats her as if she were a part of the family, and we all join in to assist her with her chores.

e. Why did Pabitra leave the house?
As a result of a disagreement between Pabitra and her son and his wife, she decided to leave the home.

F. Why were Naani, Jayaram and Junakiri’s eyes filled with the tears of happiness?
After seeing the delight on the faces of the grandma and grandson upon their long-awaited reunion, Nani, Jayaram, and Junakiri burst into tears of joy.

g. How was Dinesh able to unite his family?
Dinesh was able to bring his family together by expressing his deep want to be with his grandmother again.

h. What message did you get from this story?
God uses children to teach adults a lesson when they act like children.

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