Class 10 English Unit 16 Jitiya Festival Notes

Unit 16
Jitiya Festival 

Complete Exercise Notes:

Unit 16 Jitiya Festival : Class 10 English Notes

Unit 16 Jitiya Festival : Class 10 English Notes

Question Answers:

a. Why is the Jitiya festival celebrated?
→Jitiya is a holy festival, and married women celebrate it to bring good luck and long life to their husbands and kids.

b. How long is this festival celebrated?
→ This festival is celebrated for three days.

c. What do married women do on the second day of celebration?
→ The married ladies fast all day on the second day. They create an idol of Jimutavahana out of kush (the sacred grass) and worship it at the river, pond, and well. The worshippers gather, and those who are familiar with Jimutavahana's story share it with the others. They also sing and dance throughout the hours of fasting.

d. How and when do married women scrub their house?
→ Women apply cow's excreta to purify their homes on the first day of the festival.

e. What is the relationship between Masabashi and the Sun?
→ Jimutavahana, the Sun's blessed son, was Masabashi's son.

f. What do married women offer to Jimutavahana before they break their fast?
→ Before breaking their fast, married women bring some fruits, milk, and curd to Jimutavahana.

g. How can the celebration of Jitiya promote harmony among people?
→Harmony can be promoted among people by strengthening the good relations between ethnic groups through the celebration of Jitiya.

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