Class 10 English Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise

 Unit 18
Habit Cultivation
Indicating Time and motions

Complete Exercise Notes:

Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise | Class 10 English Notes

Questions Answers:

a. What comment do we often hear?
→ Some say he's just lucky, turning dirt into gold when he touches it, while others say he's a miser; no matter what he touches, it turns to mud. These are the comments we often hear.

b. How do some people become perfect in making mistakes?
→ The more you make mistakes, the better you get at avoiding them.

c. Do you consider yourself to be perfect? Why? Why not?
→ No, I don't think of myself as perfect or flawless, because even when I'm doing my best, I make mistakes.

d. What are the valuable traits that human beings have?
→ The valuable traits that human beings have are their ability to show courage in the face of hardships, self-control in the face of temptation, joy in the face of loss, and a positive outlook in the face of despair.

e. How can you form a habit?
→ Our minds and bodies can be trained to form a habit through constant and consistent practice.

f. What type of habit have you decided to form after reading this text?
→ I've decided to cultivate a habit of character development.

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