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Class 12 Nepali Guide Notes All Chapters

"Class 12 Nepali Notes 2080" is a collection of notes and solution of all chapters of Class 12 Nepali book. The notes cover all the chapters and include exercise answers. This website contains the study notes to help students with their Class 12 Nepali textbook

In this page, you can easily find the notes and materials for any chapter. Just click on the chapter name and it will take you right to that page of notes. These pages also have links to download the full note PDFs for free.

Unit Chapters Exercise
1. Aamako Sapana Notes
2. Birahini Damayanti Notes
3. Ghanaghasya Notes
4. Byabasayik Patra Notes
5. Ek Chihan Notes
6. Stephen William Hawking Notes
7. Hamilai bolauchan Himchuli Notes
8. Matrittwo Notes
9. Gorkhe Notes
10. Nepali Pahichan Notes
11. Sahakaari Notes
12. Jiban Marga Notes

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You can also download our Class 12 Nepali Guide App for Android from Play Store and access the notes offline. These notes are available absoluletly for free. If you want to support us, please subscribe to our YouTube channel, The SR Zone. 


Features of The SR Zone's Class 12 Nepali Notes

These Nepali notes for Class 12 have many great features that make them very useful for students.
  • The notes cover all parts of the textbook completely from beginning to end. You can learn everything in depth from the first chapter to the last.
  • The author Shriram Lamichhane is a expert in Nepali. He has experience teaching and knows how to explain things clearly. His notes are well written and organized to help students learn.
  • It's easy to find what you need. Just click on a chapter and the page with answers pops up right away. You can also download the full PDF files to use offline on your phone or tablet.
  • There are YouTube videos too where Shriram talks through each chapter in more detail. Watching these can improve your understanding.
  • The notes are always updated to match the latest version of the textbook from 2080. This makes sure the information is correct.
  • Copyright protects the notes so they stay exclusively for student use. Sharing knowledge is good, but copying without permission could get you in trouble.
While the notes are free, supporting the YouTube channel will help to motivate me. This will encourage me to create more educational materials that will benefit everyone.

These Nepali study materials go above just being notes. They combine expertise, technology and a goal of helping students learn. Using all the great features will really boost how well you do in your class 12 Nepali exams!

Overall, the notes are broken into shorter sections with headings so it's easy to find what you need. Links to download the full PDF make it simple to study offline too. These well-organized notes help students review for exams without having to carry a heavy textbook.

Whether you need help understanding a lesson or want to check your answers, these comprehensive Nepali notes cover everything in the class 12 textbook in an accessible format.

Who wrote Class 12 Nepali Notes 2080?

These notes are prepared by Shriram Lamichhane, the founder and manager of The SR Zone. Shriram is a talented student in Nepali Subject with a score of A+, 4.0 GPA in Nepali Subject in SEE and Class 12 Board Exam. 

The notes were made by Shriram Lamichhane to help class 12 students learn Nepali. His notes summarize each part of the textbook in a clear way. All the key information from each chapter is included along with explanations of difficult concepts.

Video explanation of the notes by Shriram can be found and watched in The SR Zone YouTube Channel. You can watch those if you have trouble understanding anything in this text-based notes.

How can I download Class 12 Nepali notes PDF?

You can download Nepali Notes Class 12 2080 Apk which contains all the links to the notes to access all chapter's solution from a single application. 

If you want to download offline notes but are unable to download our Application due to various reasons, you have a choice to download PDF of each chapter from the link given at the bottom of respective post. 

Are these notes based on old curriculum of Nepali Textbook or New one?

Class 12 Nepali notes are based on latest and revised curriculum of class 12 Nepali textbook. All the materials and notes available in this website and distributed by The SR Zone are updated to the latest academic year for, 2080.

How to share class 12 Nepali notes with others?

You can share these notes to your friends by using the social media share buttons provided in this webpage. You can also share these notes by copying the URL of this webpage to your friends. 

You are free to use these notes for study/exam/assignment purposes. But, we have strict copyright policy against the individuals who share or distribute the notes from other facebook pages/youtube/website without prior permission of the author. 

However, redistributing the notes is illegal and strictly forbidden. This may result in criminal penalties as well. The author of these notes is Shriram Lamichhane. The copyrights of the contents is held by The SR Zone. Notes are protected with DMCA Protection.

More About Class 12 Nepali Guide 

These notes can help you do very well in your NEB Class 12 Nepali exams this year. Called "Class 12 Nepali Notes 2080", they were made by Shriram Lamichhane to cover everything in the textbook clearly. It's easy to use - just click on any chapter and the page with answers loads quickly. You can also download the full PDF files for free to use offline on your phone or tablet.

The notes include explanations for all the units, chapters and exercises step-by-step, Unit 1 - Chapter 1 notes, Unit 2 - Chapter 2 notes and so on all the way to the last unit.

You can also watch instructional videos by Shriram on The SR Zone YouTube channel for extra help. Also, 'The SR Zone' app lets you access these excellent study materials anywhere without internet. You can support more content by subscribing to the YouTube channel too.

Shriram does very well in Nepali subjects and always wants to share his knowledge. He keeps the notes up-to-date with any changes to the curriculum. You can feel free to use these to prepare for your NEB exam

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