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Unit 1 World Guide to Manners Exercise

Unit 2 Reporting Statements - A debate

Unit 4 Memoirs of My Visit to France Notes

Unit 5 A letter to Kunsang

The Chimney Sweeper Exercise: Unit 13 Notes

Unit 14 Reunion of the Family Exercise  

Unit 15 Past and Present Poem Exercise

Unit 16 Jitiya Festival 

Unit 17 Sushila's determination

Unit 18 Habit Cultivation Exercise 

Unit 19 Interpreting Graphs, Charts and Diagrams  

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About these class 10 English Notes

Since you're here, I'm going to guess that you're looking for English Notes for Class 10 in 2079. Here is a list of the Class 10 English Book's exercises and textbook solutions, along with a brief synopsis. The answer for each chapter's exercise may be found by clicking on the chapter name in any of the links above.

The SR Zone English Class 10 Notes 2079 are now available for you to study. There are also videos about Class 10 Notes on our YouTube channel, The SR Zone. Videos on YouTube can be shaky, have bad quality, or be hard to see because of the YouTube logo. 

I've always wanted to be able to write good notes on my own, and I think I'm about to reach my goal. You can find the whole answer to the class 10 English book right here. My goal has always been to give students free, high-quality notes, and I'm doing everything I can to make that happen with this website and my YouTube channel. This means you won't have to look on the Internet or YouTube for a high-definition note.

How to write good answers in SEE English?

The majority of students continue to struggle with the same issue. To write quality answers:

  • Grammar proficiency is required.
  • Stay on topic and within the word count. The likelihood of errors increases as you write more.
  • Write with originality. You need to be innovative and analytical in English.


Preparing a whole textbook solution by oneself is a challenging task. These notes may be used for studying, completing assignments, and taking tests. This set of notes has been developed for your benefit in order to help you study. I put a lot of time and work into creating these notes for you. Anyone who posts the notes without getting permission from The SR Zone on their Facebook page, apps, or blogs is breaking the law. Everyone's effort and copyright deserve praise and respect.

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