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Class 11 English Notes 2079 - All chapters Solution Guide PDF 
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Language Development

Unit-3 Media and Society

History and Culture : Unit- 4 Qin Dynasty

Unit 5 Life and Love The Looking Glass

Health and Exercise : You May Scoff

Foresters without Diplomas (Unit 7)

Humour and Satire Unit 8

Democracy and Human Rights (Unit- 9)

The Tattered Blanket | Unit 10 

Unit 11 Arts and creation

Unit 12 Fantasy : Down the rabbit hole

Unit- 13 Mahabir Pun

Unit- 14 Power and Politics

Unit- 15 War and Peace

Unit 16 Critical Thinking

Unit 17 Globalization and Diaspora

Unit 18 Immigration and Identity

Unit 19 Travel and Tourism

Unit- 20 Science and Technology



Corona Says : Exercise

A Red, Red Rose : Exercise

All the world’s a stage : Exercise 

Who are you little I? : Exercise  

The Gift in Wartime : Exercise  


One Act Plays:

A Sunny Morning : Exercise

Refund Exercise 

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