Class 12 English Notes: Guide & Summary 2080

Class 12 English Notes

Are you looking for easy to understand notes for your 12th grade English class? The SR Zone has made Class 12 English notes for the year 2080. It has summaries and notes from all the chapters in your English textbook.

Section - I : Language Development

Unit 1 Critical Thinking Notes

Unit 2 Family Notes

Unit 3 Sports Euro 2020 Notes

Unit 4 Technology Notes

Unit 5 Education Notes

Unit 6 Money and Economy QR Code Notes

Unit 7 Humour Notes

Unit 8 Human Culture Land of Plenty Notes

Unit 9 Ecology and Environment Notes

Unit 10 Career Opportunities Notes

Unit 11 Hobbies On Walking Notes

Unit 12 Animal World Notes

Unit 13 History Notes

Unit 14 Human Rights Notes

Unit 15 Leisure and Entertainment Notes

Unit 16 Fantasy Notes

Unit 17 War and Peace Notes

Unit 18 Music and Creation Notes

Unit 19 Migration and Diaspora Notes

Unit 20 Power and Politics Notes

Section -II : Literature


Neighbours by Tim Winton Notes

Neighbours by Tim Winton Summary

'A Respectable Woman'  Notes

'A Respectable Woman' Summary

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Notes

A Devoted Son by Anita Desai Summary

The Treasure in the Forest  Notes

The Treasure in the Forest Summary

My Old Home By Lu Shun  Notes

My Old Home by Lu Shun Summary

The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Notes

The Half-closed Eyes of the Buddha and the Slowly Sinking Sun Summary

A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings Summary

A Very Old man with enormous Wings Notes


A Day by Emily Dickinson Summary

A day Poem : Questions and answers Notes

Every Morning I wake Summary

Every Morning I wake Notes

I Was My Own Route Summary

'I Was My Own Route' Notes

The Awakening Age Summary 

The Awakening Age  Notes

Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Summary 

Soft Storm by Abhi Subedi Notes


On Libraries Summary

On Libraries Notes

Marriage as a Social Institution Summary 

Marriage as a Social Institution Notes

Knowledge and Wisdom Summary

Knowledge and Wisdom Notes

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Summary 

Humility by Yuval Noah Harari Notes

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Summary

Human Rights and the Age of Inequality Notes

One Act Plays

A Matter of Husbands Summary

A Matter of Husbands Notes

Facing Death Summary 

Facing Death Notes

The Bull Summary 

The Bull Notes

This set of notes is meant to help you understand each chapter well and help you answer questions from the book. It has answers to exercises, explanations of grammar rules, solutions to questions from the textbook, and summaries of each chapter.

Having all these things together in one place makes studying English easier and more effective. You don't have to look everywhere to find answers or learn about the different parts of English. The notes cover everything you need from one simple guide.

Download Class 12 English Notes 2080 App ( by The SR Zone ) 

The SR Zone provides an easy to use app for Class 12 English notes. This app has all the study materials together in one place on your mobile.

To get the app, search "Class 12 English The SR Zone" on the Google Play Store. Or visit website for a direct download link. Installing the app is simple and free.


Some good things about using The SR Zone's Class 12 English notes:

  • It makes preparing for exams more manageable as all notes are organized well.
  • You don't have to search different places for your study materials. Everything you need is in one app.
  • The detailed notes help you better understand lessons and concepts.
  • Having notes on your phone means you can revise anytime, anywhere.

The Class 12 English notes app from The SR Zone is a good helper for students. With full notes and solutions for all chapters, you can study well and score better in your exams. Download the app notes from Play Store or website today!

Frequently Asked Questions about Class 12 English Notes:

Question 1: Do The SR Zone's Class 12 English notes work for NEB?

Answer 1: Yes, the notes cover the main topics for National Education Examination (NEB) board. They are designed to match what is usually taught in Class 12 English textbooks designed by curriculum developement centre.

Question 2: Do the notes have explanations for all chapters?

Answer 2: Yes, The SR Zone provides full notes and solutions for every chapter in the Class 12 English textbook. You get summaries, exercise answers and extra details to cover the whole syllabus.

Question 3: Can I use the notes without internet?

Answer 3: Yes, once you download the Class 12 English notes PDF from The SR Zone website, you can view it offline on your device. You can also use our Class 12 English Notes 2080 by The SR Zone app to access notes when offline after downloading.

Question 4: Are the notes helpful for exams?

Answer 4: Definitely! The detailed notes from The SR Zone help students understand concepts better, revise efficiently and do well in exams with chapter summaries, explanations and exercise solutions.

Question 5: Can I only use these notes to prepare?

Answer 5: The SR Zone notes are a good study resource to get above 90% in English subject. Using only them can give you a complete understanding. It's better to also refer to look at past year questions and their pattern, your official textbook, other reference books and do extra practice questions.

Question 6: Are the notes updated for the latest syllabus?

Answer 6: The notes follow the general syllabus of 2080BS updated on 2023. You can also check official syllabus to confirm everything lines up perfectly. Efforts are made regularly to keep the content updated.

Question 7: How can I ask questions about the notes?

Answer 7: If you have any queries or need clarification, contact The SR Zone using our website contact form or social media channels. We are ready to help students understand better.

Question 8: Do I have to pay for the Class 12 English notes?

Answer 8: No, the notes and basic study materials are free to download from The SR Zone in PDF format or using their app. While some premium services may cost money, the basic notes are available without charges.

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