10 Jobs for International Students in the UK

10 Jobs for International Students in the UK

This list is for international students who are studying in the UK. I'll give you a few examples of job that you can do in the UK as a international student. 

Who am I to share this list first of all?

I am here in the UK and doing the job as a student. While searching for many options, I am now able to share you what you should do and what you should not. 


Consulting is giving advice, looking at things, and giving advice. It's a good job for people who have a lot of experience in a certain field. It's a great job for someone who has good communication skills, can solve problems, and thinks critically because your main job will be to solve a problem for a business and give them the best solution. 


You can also work in banking, which is a broad term that covers many different jobs. You could work in asset management, commercial banking, private banking or in front of frozen mess. 

Banking is a good job because it pays well and can help you get ahead in your career if you're the right person and enjoy working hard and long hours. 

There are two types of jobs you can have in banking: 

Private banking, which is when you look after the money of rich people, sports people or celebrities, and 

Merger and acquisition, which is when you work in an investment bank and help businesses with their deals when they want to buy or merge with another business. 

Human Resources

The third job you can get is in human resources, which is about how people work. Human resources jobs can be found in all kinds of businesses, from consulting companies to oil and banking. 

Most big businesses need help from human resources partners. There are a lot of different jobs in Human Resources that aren't just about hiring and firing people. 

For example, there could be roles in a child that deal with employee relations or benefits for employees working in the firm, or there could be roles in a child that deal with employee relations or benefits. 

Often, people who work in Human Resources don't need to do a lot of training before they start working. Many companies will pay for you to get your CIPD certification while you work there. 


Finance is the fourth type of job you can get, and it has a lot to do with bookkeeping and financial analysis, so our last specialists will go over all the financial data of the company to look for new trends or discrepancies or information so they can help the business make good decisions. 

In the finance department, you'll be advising businesses on how to spend their money, what decisions they should make, and how to cut costs. At the same time, you'll be looking for possible solutions and ways to cut costs, so your job can be both analytical and creative at the same time. 

Operational Jobs in a Company

Operation roles are used to run the back office processes of a company, like in banking. They make sure that all of the transactions and deals of the bank are done in an efficient and timely way, so they make sure that everything is done legally and that there are all the controls in place. 

There is a lot of communication between departments because they are both helped by technology and the business doesn't need to make sure they're meeting the needs and speed of front-office bankers. 


Next type of job you can get is in technology. You don't always need a degree in computer science or data science to get a job in technology. Many times, you can learn everything on the job. Because working in technology doesn't always mean being a programmer or coding, it often means giving businesses IT solutions. 

Technology solutions are looking for new trends. Creating a strategy for technology development, designing programs, and so on. Even though you don't need a specific education to apply for this role, you may need specific earth Gill's and you'll be tested for your ability to manage a lot of data. 

Don't be afraid to explore possible careers and jobs in technology even if you haven't studied computer science. 

Auditor for a Company

A lot of financial reporting tools will be used in the report, and you'll be expected to be very accurate when you work as a junior auditor for a company. 

You'll be studying for your qualification while working, and the company will pay for your education. When you work as a tax auditor, you'll help your clients with all their tax issues and make sure they're paying the right amount of taxes. 

A risk could be a company's internal risk or it could be a risk that they have to follow the law. This is what I mean when I say "risks." 

Risk Management

Risk that a company doesn't follow a law or regulation in that sector, or risk that the company, a small business, or even a person doesn't have the reputation level that they need to be successful. 

Working the risk could also be about calculating and managing these types of losses. The last type of risk that Korea can help you with is working in an actuarial department. 

This type of work is often linked to insurance companies because these professionals can figure out how much insurance or premium to charge for a certain event. If you want to work in this field, you don't have to work for insurance companies. 

A lot of businesses need these types of people, but you don't have to work for an insurance company to work in this field. a lot of data analysis and math. 

If this article gave you a general idea of what types of jobs you can get as an international student in the UK, don't forget that I'm just giving you a very, very small summary of what these jobs actually entail. If you want to learn more about any type of job, make sure to do your own research on the internet or talk to people who work in that field.