Best Jobs for Students in Australia that pay up to $800+ per week

High Paying Part Time Jobs for Students in Australia | Jobs for International Students | $800+ /week

How are you all? I hope you all are doing well. The first thing is, that when you come here as an international student. 

Rules for student jobs in Australia

  • You can work 20 hours per week or 40 hours every fortnight. 
  • You cannot start working until your classes have begun.

So, these are the two most important rules that you need to keep in mind. Because if you are not following the rules, your visa could be cancelled.

What kind of jobs are easy to get for students?

Most students prefer these and these are high paying jobs as well. I have talked about the basic rules for students until now. 

Uber Eats Job

Most international students take up Uber Eats as their first job. You just have to sign up with a delivery company such as Uber Eats. You just have to pick up food from the restaurant and deliver it to the customer. And you are paid based upon the distance covered and time taken. 

This job is very easy to get.

I won't recommend doing this for long as this is an underpaying job.

Sometimes in 20 hours, you can get 20 deliveries. And sometimes you can end up just getting 5 deliveries in 20 hours. So till the time you don't have another job, do this and keep looking for other options.

Scooter or Cycle for delivering food?

On a scooter, you can deliver faster and further, so you make a little extra money. So, if you are using a cycle, you will earn 30-40 % less.

The next job is - 

Cleaning Jobs

There are many private companies which provide cleaning services to restaurants, pubs, bars etc. You can easily earn $25 - $35 per hour from these jobs. You just have to vacuum the floor, throw the trash. That's pretty much it. 

This is not a tough job and many students take up this job.

The next type of job is a 

Factory/warehouse Job

These jobs can be very different. The work can be really simple as you just have to pick a product from point A and keep it at point B. Or maybe you have to pack some stuff.

The next category is 

Supermarket and petrol station cashier jobs

This is a very easy job, you just have to process the payments. These jobs pay a really good rate. These can range from $27- $40 an hour.

The next one job which I highly recommend is, 


The pay rate in these is very similar to supermarket jobs. One job which easy very easy to get and one of the highest paying jobs for international students is Casino / Gambling venue employee. You can't just go and apply for this job. For this job, you need a certain license/certification.

I'll first go over the types of licenses you'll need.

The first one is an RSA - Responsible Service of Alcohol. You need this to work at a venue where alcohol is served.

This certification is very easy to get. And it only costs around 30-50$. It takes less than 4 hours to complete.

The license which not many people know about is is a Victorian gaming license.

Each state has its own license issuing body. For Victoria that body is VCGLR. Betting is legal in Australia and its a very big industry. There is always a shortage of employees in this sector.

Now, why is that?

Because not many people have the licenses required to work in these venues. To work at any gambling venue you need this license. The process to get this is very simple. You just have to go on VCGLR's website. All you need is a police check, credit report and a photo.

It takes around 15 days to get this license.

After getting the license it becomes very easy to get a gaming job. As these venues are always understaffed. Having a gaming license gives you an edge over 90% applicants for that job.

You can easily find a job within a week after getting this license. The pay can be around $600 - $900 per week. After paying the taxes it will be around $530- $700 per week. This pay is while working under the legal limit. When you have semester breaks , you can work unlimited hours.

Just tell your manager about your breaks and you'll get 30-40 hours of work. And during breaks, you can earn between $1000-$1500 per week. I'm not talking in thin air, I am actually the one earning money out of it. 

So, this it for today. Hope you got to learn best and high paying jobs for students in Australia from this post.