5 Best Lucrative Skills to learn as a college student in 2023

In this article, I will tell you five money making skills you should learn as a college student if you want to make money in 2023.

While making this list, I kept in mind that you are all school or college students. And students can make money by learning these skills very quickly for free.

And the best parts about these skills are:

  1. They are in very, very In-Demand right now,
  2. You can learn these completely free of cost online from free platforms like YouTube,
  3. These skills will also help you in your long-term career.

Learning these skills as a student will be relevant even after the next 20-30 years and will help you greatly in your long-term career or maybe your startup in this field. The best skills you need to learn are as follow!

1. Web Development Skills

In 2023 and many more years to come, the best and most lucrative money making skill for a student is Web Development. Web development simply means building websites.

We all know we are living in a digital world where small businesses and startups also want their websites and want to have their online presence. And the most crucial factor of this online presence is having your own website. But the problem is that small businesses, or any influencer individual, do not have all the technical skills to make a website for themselves. And they need people like you, students like you who give them a website.

So as a student, you can teach yourself web development and then to such startups and businesses. Or, if you know any influencer who might need a website of their own, You can reach out to them and pitch them that you will give them a personalized website for them.

Learning web development is also very easy and doen completely free of cost. You can learn web development on YouTube and don’t need to take any courses.

You can also learn web development in 2 ways.

1. Learn how to build a website from scratch using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

2. For easy beginning, you can use a website like WordPress to create a website.

You have to choose whether you want to learn front-end developement or back-end developement. Front-end means the outside part and backend means the internal part of the site.

Your earnings will depend on your experience, how much-complicated website you build, and how much of a project you take up. But yes, once you have come to the basic level and made a good website, you can charge 30$ to 40$, even 50$, to build a website. And as your experience increases, you can charge more.

2. Video Editing Skills

The demand for video editing has increased tremendously over the last 2-3 years because most of the content we love to see is in video format. And the most critical job in making a raw video into a production-level video is the video editor. And right now, there is a lot of demand for specific brands and content creators: people who know how to do video editing.

Till now, it used to edit mostly long format videos, which used to be soo many minutes. But now, Short form videos are also on demand, Thanks to TikTok or Instagram reels. Now you can edit short-form videos too. So now you have more avenues to work as a video editor.

And the best part about video editing is you can learn it free of cost. I also used to edit videos myself, starting on my channel, and I learned video editing by referring to completely free of charge on YouTube. And you, too, within one week and two weeks, can know so much level of video editing that you are now working for people And charging them to edit the video.

For editing a one-minute short or reel, you can charge anywhere between Rs 500 to Rs 1,000 based on your experience and skill set. Also, for a 10-minute YouTube video, You can charge around 2-3 thousand to even up to 10,000 rupees. As your knowledge and skill level increase.

3. Animation Skills

We have seen a lot of Animation in movies, TV shows, in advertisements. Now, we can see that Animation is used extensively in the content creator space and even in the EdTech industry. And hence, the demand for animators has increased tremendously. The global animation market size was valued at $ 350 Billion in 2022, And it is expected to hit approximately $ 650 Billions by 2030.

Animation is a more specialized skill: it takes time to learn Animation. But this skill is in high demand now and will increase in the coming years. So this is a fantastic time to learn Animation as a student.

  • There are five types of Animation.
  • 3d Animation,
  • 2d Vector Animation,
  • 2d Hand Drawn Animation,
  • Stop Motion Animation
  • Motion Graphics Animation

The most high-paying work out of these is that of 3D Animation. And it is also slightly more complicated, so it will take time to learn. You can learn Animation utterly free of cost on YouTube. Then you can also make small projects of Animation. Because hands-on learning, Trust me, is the best learning experience. But if you want more specialized learning, you can enroll in any course.

For example, an Indian 2d animator charges Rs 10,000 to make a one-minute animation clip.

4. Metaverse Technology Skills

You all must have heard much about Metaverse. A metaverse is a virtual 3d world you can enter using your virtual 3d avatar. This is not a single skill but is a basket of skills. Metaverse is in a very early stage, and only after the next 20-30 years will Metaverse reach a mature stage when people do day-to-day activities using it. At this time, there is a lot of demand: for skilled people through which Meta can build the Metaverse.

Such skills are;

  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR 
  • Internet of Things
  • 3d Reconstruction

These are those skills using which you can build a metaverse.

On websites like Fiverr: Metaverse developers, charge around $50 to $100.

5. Notion Software Skills

Notion skill is the one of the underrated and underdiscussed skill which is actually profitable to learn in 2023. It is a project management software and a productivity tool. 

At the moment, there are a lot of startups and small businesses that need to manage their operations. Or help is required to handle the internal process, but most of those people do this work manually, which is very cumbersome. Or they can use costly software. But this is where you will come into the picture and help them out.

The Notion is an excellent software to help startups and businesses, And you can give those people a customized, personalized notion workspace by creating a workspace through which they can handle all their work. So you reach out to such small startup founders or businesses, understand their business and startup from them, and how they work.

Do they have internal operations that you can create in a notion workspace to make their work easier? Those people will pay you for your service.

At the moment, websites like Upwork and Fiverr: Indian Notion Consultancy: charge around $50 to $80 for one hour of their service. By working one hour, you can earn five thousand rupees if you know Notion. And the best part about Notion is that it is free to use.

You can also learn Notion free on YouTube or other online resources. And you can also become a Notion Certified Consultant that to completely free of cost on their website.

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